Jodi Love Dile Na Prane

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By This Is How Abir-Ananya-Tridha-Arjun Will Look In Sudeshna-Abhijit’s Jodi Love Dile Na Prane
  • Published 3.04.13

THE PLOT: Jodi Love Dile Na Prane, based on Sukanta Gangopadhyay’s novel Abujh Meye, is a dream that director duo Abhijit Guha-Sudeshna Roy have been dreaming for the past five years! “We almost got a producer but he backed out and the film got stalled. But we didn’t give up. Now Shyamsundar Dey has come forward to produce the film,” said Sudeshna. Jodi Love... is a love story of a couple spanning 20 years, beginning from their teens. Abir Chatterjee and Ananya Chatterjee play the lovebirds. “It’s about unrequited love,” Sudeshna added. “The genre is very different. We are known to make films that are young in spirit and fun. Jodi Love... is a shift from the fun, frothy films we are used to making.” Parts of the film were redone by scriptwriter Anindya Bose to make up for the lost five years.

Pictures: Bhubaneswarananda Halder

ANANYA CHATTERJEE: I play Paromita. From a bubbly girl of 18 she becomes a mature woman of 38! She is a housewife and a mother. Koushik Sen plays my husband. As an 18-year-old, Paromita sports a salwar kameez, plaits and a small bindi. Glasses and crisp cotton saris mark my mature-woman look.

ABIR CHATTERJEE: I play Anish. There’s a 20-year leap in the story. So the young Anish is a north Calcutta boy who is quite daanpite (naughty) and full of masti. Then there’s the mature Anish, with thick glasses and salt-and-pepper hair, the editor of a newspaper. I think I look good as the mature Anish. At least now I know that I will still look good when I grow old!

TRIDHA: I play Aaheli, a girl from Delhi who comes down to Calcutta in search of her roots. Ananya Chatterjee plays my mother. I sport a very different look complete with bindi, junk jewellery, sari and also salwar kameez. It’s very ethnic. Though she is modern and has lived in Delhi all her life, she loves to sport the Bangali look. Arjun plays my love interest.

ARJUN CHAKRABARTY: I play Mainak, an assistant director, paired opposite Tridha. I love my look in the film. The glasses and the moustache add to the intellectual-ness of the character. I personally feel I look a little paka, but then it goes with the script.