'I need to be seen'

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By Why Rituparna Sengupta is choosy and yet flexible... Kushali Nag (Is Rituparna Tolly's top heroine? Tell t2@abpmail.com)
  • Published 3.11.07
Rishi Kaushik and Rituparna play husband and wife in Chokher Alo. Picture by Aranya Sen

She is happy pleasing the “masses” and doesn’t mind repeating roles. On the sets of Chokher Alo, Rituparna Sengupta tells t2 why she’s eager for more and is comfortable being paired with newcomers.

What is your role in Chokher Alo?

I am a visually challenged girl, Noyontara. The film is on her. Noyontara marries an army officer and everything is fine until the day she stumbles upon a secret that changes her life forever. The film has a lot of emotions and drama with a twist at the end.

We saw you in a similar role a few months back...

My role in Aloye Phera was of a visually-challenged girl who gets married and lives happily ever after. But Noyontara is different. She’s a college-goer who seems simple in the beginning but reveals several layers later.

What made you do this film?

The director, Jayantada (Basu), was an assistant director in Sanyasi Raja. He said that if I don’t play Noyontara, he wouldn’t do the film. So, I agreed.

You have teamed up with a newcomer (Rishi Kaushik) again...

Rishi and I shared screen space in Tarun Majumdar’s Chander Bari. He is promising. I am an actress and my co-actor doesn’t have to be according to my choice. I am sure the director must have felt that he fits the role. There are certain roles that suit a newcomer; it depends on the director. I am comfortable with newcomers. We must give them a chance.... The film also stars Soumitra Chatterjee.

Why do you still need to do potboilers?

Because potboilers sell. The masses want to see me in such roles. I have a fan following in the suburbs and I have to cater to their tastes. I need to be seen. I get a lot of offers in mainstream films. I am choosy but I am also flexible. Not that I don’t turn down offers, but I also have to accept a few.

When do we see you in a Rituparno Ghosh or an Aparna Sen film again?

Very soon. Talks are on with both of them. But things are yet to be finalised.

What about Bollywood?

Well, Gauri is releasing by November-end. Sirf and Saab Chai Paani will probably release next year. Currently, I am shooting for Karan Razdan’s Mittal vs Mittal and Anup Das’s Dil Ke Armaan. In Calcutta, I am also shooting for Phera, where I play a Santhal girl opposite Shilajit.