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Hina Khan on her debut Punjabi film Shinda Shinda No Papa

Hina also stars in the Amazon Mini TV series Namacool where she plays a professor

Soujannya Das Calcutta Published 19.06.24, 04:51 PM
Hina Khan.

Hina Khan.

Actor Hina Khan talks about her debut Punjabi film Shinda Shinda No Papa and playing a professor in the Amazon Mini TV series Namacool.

Shinda Shinda No Papa is your Punjabi film debut. How did it happen?


Hina Khan: I was always keen to explore Punjabi cinema and the Punjabi film industry. When this script came to me, I was very intrigued by the story. It had a strong message for the audience, and I am someone who is inclined towards meaningful cinema. I am so happy that I debuted with such a lovely story to tell the audience. I feel blessed that the film has been received so well by the Punjabi audience.

You shot in Chandigarh and Canada for the film. What was the experience like?

Hina Khan: Canada was really cold. We shot there at the end of last year and it was super cold but we had so much fun shooting there that it ended up becoming a lovely experience. Chandigarh had a more homely feeling. The city is beautiful, and I was fed so well by the entire cast and crew. From Chhole Bhature to Lassi, I was gorging on delicacies every single day.

The film has a strong message for parents teaching their children with love, not aggression. What is your take on that?

Hina Khan: The story is about the sweet and sour relationship between Shinda and his father, who always wants to be strict with Shinda, and as Shinda’s mother in the film I am in a permanent dilemma between father and son. My character Nikki believes that giving love to the child eventually results in getting love back from the child. Her husband Shinda thinks differently, but the biggest message on loving your child is what Shinda himself eventually conveys to the audience. I am a firm believer in the message this film highlights. I feel that the way parents instil values in their children is what shapes them, so that should always be done with love.

How was it working in a different language? How is the Punjabi film industry different from the Hindi film industry?

Hina Khan: Punjabi film concepts are very different from that of Hindi films. Their audience is very different, hence the way they make films differs from the way we make them here. Hence it was a good chance for me to experience their cinema as well.

In the Amazon Mini TV series Namacool, you play professor Rubiya, who is married to the dean of the college. Your sari looks in the series are being compared to Sushmita Sen’s looks in Main Hoon Na…

Hina Khan: Sushmita Sen looked absolutely gorgeous and stunning in Main Hoon Na. I feel happy that people have identified my look with her look in that film. Yes, there was an intention to make the saris look similar and I am glad that it could be done. Those saris definitely enhanced my character Rubiya’s look in the series.

What is next for you?

Hina Khan: There are some projects in the pipeline, some I have shot for and some I am going to shoot. I am very excited for them to release.

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