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Feedback of Shah Rukh Khan's latest Atlee directed movie Jawan


The Telegraph Published 18.09.23, 10:32 AM
Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan

Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan

I have connected with the struggles that a common citizen is seen going through in Jawan. Though it’s not the first time Shah Rukh Khan has played the role of a ‘villain’, this time his looks were extraordinary. Deepika Padukone’s cameo with a very strong character is somewhere the backbone of the film. Nayanthara seems to be a mature, fantastic artiste. The six ladies here have reminded me of the Netflix series Money Heist. The story of the movie has a strong appeal and a very good message, especially for the youth.
(I liked/didn’t like Jawan because... September 8)

Taqi Zeeshan


I liked Jawan because of SRK’s swag and his on-screen presence which hardly makes you take away your eyes for a second. The storyline is crisp and fast-paced, with brilliant cinematography. The dialogues are witty and the songs are very peppy. The action sequences and the backdrop are really great and do not let the audience feel bored for a minute. The supporting ladies have done justice to their roles and Deepika’s cameo is the cherry on the cake.

Subhanjan Acharjee

Jawan has everything from action and humour to crazy emotions. Shah Rukh’s perfect transition from the romantic era to that of the action era and his ageing just like fine wine is something we can never complain of! The film is loaded with razor-sharp screenplay, splendid action pieces (the one on the highway being my personal favourite), larger-than-life frames and Chaleya hitting straight into the chords of the heart! Despite running for almost three hours, the energy never dips, keeping one on the edge of the seat. The clash of the menacing and dangerous Vijay Sethupathi with the fearless SRK is the driving force of the film. Not to forget the six extremely talented supporting women, from Sanya Malhotra to our very own Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, without whom the film would’ve remained incomplete! Atlee’s powerful direction and social commentary are top-notch.

Sucharita Chaudhuri

I liked Jawan because it is a movie with mass commercial appeal and with a strong social message. Shah Rukh Khan delivers a top-notch performance aided by his swag and clapworthy dialogues. Nayanthara is a delight. Vijay Sethupathi excels as the villain. The entire supporting cast is first-rate. Deepika Padukone in an extended cameo and Sanjay Dutt’s cameo are the ultimate icing on the cake. Anirudh Ravichander’s music is peppy and catchy. Director Atlee makes full use of SRK’s charisma and deserves praise for this well-scripted movie.

PVS Krishnan

Jawan is a perfect amalgamation of action and emotion. The action set pieces were mesmerising and the emotional scenes struck a chord perfectly, especially in the first half. All three stories sent shivers through my spine. The stories explored are all gut-wrenching. I wish a few more stories were explored by omitting a few songs. I didn’t like the songs, except Zinda banda which went well with the screenplay.

The background score is simply out of this world. There is a rustic, raw tone to it throughout. This is a gutsy effort by director-writer Atlee. The cinematography by G.K. Vishnu is exceptional. In the metro sequence when Azad is fighting the cop, the camera pans in, goes out of the metro window and then comes back, a shot I found quite jaw-dropping.

Vijay Sethupathi is simply outstanding. A strong performance from the ensemble cast and crew has made Jawan a perfect action movie that will generate applause from the mass commercial audience as well.

Rajarshi Das

Jawan is not like the usual action thriller but a well-envisioned film powered by an impactful message. The skilful utilisation of humour in some of the scenes acts as a powerful catalyst in developing the action sequences. The cinematography and direction were wonderful. It felt nostalgic to catch a slight glimpse of Khan sir’s trademark romantic charm in the song Chaleya opposite the beautiful Nayanthara.

Aayman Anwar Ali

This Atlee presentation with King Khan stands out with social messages, including the right to exercise franchise with wisdom. Jawan reflects the patriotism of the hero to serve the nation, in a dual performance. Nayanthara has impressed the audience with her debut in Bollywood and her on-screen chemistry with SRK blooms like the romantic scenes of the ’90s. Deepika Padukone has a small but important role. Sunil Grover, along with the gang of SRK’s girls, are no doubt at their best. Anirudh’s musical touch, massy action, drama and emotions are the main ingredients of Jawan.

Shanti Krishnan

I have mixed feelings about Jawan. It is the story of a wronged soldier and his vigilante son, out to cure social ills. It is an oft-repeated story of vengeance and putting all that is wrong, right.

Wafer-thin plot aside, King Khan rules the screen. He is swoon-worthy in the avatar of the young son (jailor, ironically named Azad) and also in the garb of the older, stubbled father who suffers from amnesia. In the movie, the protagonist repeatedly asks “Who am I?” echoing Jackie Chan from the movie of the same name. Even the story is blatantly lifted. The truck chase scene is strongly reminiscent of Fast & Furious and the mask reminds one of The Mask. The plot grabs every good story and snips it to fit into the Bollywood blockbuster. Nayanthara shines as a good-looking cop and Sanya Malhotra impresses in a brief role. Vijay Sethupathi towers in his negative role.

Pampa Paul

I liked Jawan because it is a mass masala entertainer with a strong social message. Shah Rukh Khan delivers a towering performance and is the USP of the movie. The supporting cast is first-rate. Its music is peppy and catchy.

Rahul Krishnan

Azad and his relationship with his beautiful, skilled and smart girl gang steal the heart. As an action hero, Vikram Rathore and his cool style are just mind-blowing. The movie presents its heroines in the coolest, strongest avatar. Songs added rhythm and fun to the ambience. Jawan is a complete entertainer, needed for freshness of mind and fun.

Sarbani Banerjee

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