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Birthday girl Tuhina Das on her film 'Aparajita'

A film releasing on my birthday is what I have always wanted, says the Tolly star

Arindam Chatterjee Published 11.03.22, 07:02 AM
Tuhina Das in 'Aparajita', which releases today

Tuhina Das in 'Aparajita', which releases today

Last year, Tuhina Das had told The Telegraph that she is open to any character and content that grabs her attention. “I never set boundaries on myself as an actor,” she had said. Tuhina’s latest film Aparajita, which is the story of an unspoken relationship between a father and daughter, releases today, on her birthday. A Telegraph chat...

How does it feel to have your film Aparajita release on your birthday?


It is a special feeling indeed. Growing up, my parents always urged me to stay busy on my birthday as it sets the tone for the rest of the year. A film releasing on my birthday is what I have always wanted.

What are your birthday plans this year?

I am not a huge party person. Spending time with loved ones and, of course, attending the premiere of my film.

What’s your fave birthday memory?

Growing up, the one constant on my birthday was my mother arranging for payesh to be made at a nearby temple and feeding the whole neighbourhood.

What’s the one thing you must do on your birthday?

I like to keep things quiet and retrospect on the year gone by. I generally like it when I am left to my own with ones who are closest to me.

What’s the one birthday wish you want the genie to grant you?

I want my parents to stay healthy and happy.

What’s been your fave birthday present?

Last year I got served an elaborate Bengali birthday lunch followed by a wonderful spa. That has to be my favourite.

Tell us about your character in Aparajita?

Apu is a modern woman who balances her work and life with an edgy and uncomfortable relationship with her father. She has never really forgiven him for her mother’s death.

How was the shooting experience?

It was a very young and passionate unit helmed by Rohan Sen. Everyone felt like family. I guess that’s what helped the process.

What’s the best part about the storyline of Aparajita?

As a person, I don’t relate to Aparajita at all given that my father and I have a very loving relationship. It was on this aspect that I wanted to challenge myself as an actor.

Could you relate to your character in any way?

Like I mentioned, I could not, but deep down every child wants validation from their parents and that is what I certainly do relate to.

How did you prepare to play the character?

I spoke to a few close friends who have not shared the best relationship with their fathers and tried to understand what goes through their mind when they had to live under the same roof.

How was it like working with Shantilal Mukherjee?

He is a stalwart of our industry and was a wonderful co-actor to have on set.

What’s the one thing that you would like to see change in the Bengali film industry?

I just wish with the talent we all collectively have here in Bengal, the industry would do well to reward merit and keep personal equations out of the way. If one could believe that only their craft and not PR skills would get work for them, I am sure we will end up with a richer and a fairer industry.

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