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Biopic of India’s first female IPS officer Kiran Bedi is in the works

The upcoming film is written and directed by Kushaal Chawla and produced by Dream Slate Pictures

Entertainment Web Desk Calcutta Published 12.06.24, 04:25 PM
Kiran Bedi.

Kiran Bedi.

A biopic chronicling the life of India’s first female IPS officer Kiran Bedi is in the works, production house Dream Slate Pictures announced on Wednesday.

Written and directed by Kushaal Chawla, BEDI: The Name You Know. The Story You Don’t delves deeper into Bedi's life, throwing light on her personal and professional challenges.


Calling the film a labour of love, Kushaal said, “Four years of expansive research and scriptwriting have been dedicated to ensuring an authentic and insightful portrayal of Kiran Bedi.”

“This story is not just my story. It’s an Indian woman’s story — an Indian woman who grew up in India, studied in India, raised by Indian parents and worked for the people of India throughout her career,” Bedi said in a statement after the announcement.

Expressing his gratitude towards Bedi, Kushaal said, “She has been a tremendous inspiration to me, and having her trust to direct this film is truly a blessing. In this feature film, I explore heart-warming transformations, unseen triumphs, and the extraordinary personal and professional journey of Dr Bedi as she navigated her path as the first woman in the male-dominated world of policing.”

“I believe the audience will truly get to know the woman behind the khaki, and be inspired and moved by her unwavering dedication and relentless navigation,” added the director known for making films like One Way and Another Time.

Produced by Gaurav Chawla from Dream Slate Pictures, BEDI: The Name You Know. The Story You Don’t will highlight how the former IPS officer developed leadership skills by relying on self-education, self-growth and unstinted support of her family.

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