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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 3.06.08

1) Director Atanu Bose comes up with the most tortuous twists and turns that stretch the film like a bubblegum gone bad.

2) Newcomer Kasturi seems to have strayed on to the big screen en route to a kindergarten acting school. Yes, she dare not face the camera again before learning the A,B,C of acting.

3) Amitabha Bhattacharya and Kanchana Maitra are hardly any better.

4) The plot is preposterous. Part I: Raj (Amitabha) is a playback singer who falls for Maria (Kasturi), who lives in an orphanage and dresses like a nun, though she is not one. Some song and dance later, she sheds her nun’s costumes and the two exchange rings. Enter, Raj’s friend Suman (Diganta), the lusty villain who wants to rape Maria. She promptly jumps off the verandah and dies. Raj loses his mind.

5) The plot is preposterous. Part II: In comes Kanchana, a doctor in the mental hospital, who falls for Amitabha. The two prance up and down some hilly terrain. But Kanchana’s villainous father plays spoilsport. Kanchana meets with an accident and loses her mind.

6) The plot is preposterous. Part III: Raj suddenly goes missing. Well, he is off to poison Suman to death. Raj returns to tie the knot with Kanchana, who is now wheelchair-bound.

By then, Raj and Kanchana have found their minds, but we have lost ours.

7) Shedin Dujone is two hours and 40 minutes too long.

PS: If you need more reasons to steer clear of Shedin Dujone, you must have lost your mind too.