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Beauty begins at home

Look after yourself and feel good in the times of lockdown
Dress up. Just. It will make you feel good

The Telegraph   |     |   Published 16.04.20, 11:16 AM

Take care of your hands

With so much washing, your hands tend to feel dry. You are subjecting your hands not only to soap and handwash, but also detergents for dishwashing and clothes. Dry your hands carefully and apply moisturizer. Moisturising will not only keep your hands soft, but also offer better protection, as some experts feel that cracked hands are a bigger invitation to the virus.


Use what is around you

If you have aloe vera growing around you, use it fresh. Just scoop out the jelly from inside the leaves and use it on your face, hair, hands and feet. You will feel hydrated and soothed.

If you have a neem tree around you, great. Use its leaves as a paste and apply on your face, hair and skin. Neem leaves will cleanse you and its anti-bacterial properties will protect you.

Give yourself a short hair cut

Come on! This is the time to do it. If you are up to it, just take a pair of scissors and go snip snip! Or even slash slash! Don’t care for the perfect hair cut. If there are sharp edges, just call it edgy! Really, it’s all in the head.

If you still feel shy of a DIY, ask a family member you trust to do it. Short hair is exciting and much less trouble. You will need less shampoo, less conditioner and less other haircare stuff. That means less buying and less washing when the bottles come in.

Facepack thoughts

Maybe you should spare yourself the egg face mask or hair mask for the time being; minimise buying and keep the good food for your insides. But there will be plenty of home stuff for your skin- and haircare — the bottom of the milkpot, the base of the dahi bowl, the top of the tomato — all these can bring a glow to your face. Use them. Don’t throw them away.

Grow your beard

This is the time. Take the plunge. Stop worrying about when to buy the next set of razors and shaving cream. Trim your beard with helpful tips from YouTube. Apparently a shorter beard keeps the jawline defined. Good if you have gained a few kgs recently.

Give up on waxing

Unless you are a DIY expert, give up on waxing. Try the hair removing cream, reading instructions carefully, or pick up the razor. It can do exactly what waxing can. Just be a little careful. Especially if you have cuts, warts, moles or growths of any sort on your skin.

Dress up

Don’t remain in your nightwear always. It may make you feel sluggish. Dress up. Just. It will make you feel good. 

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