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Fit care for your feet

You can use a pumice stone to scrape the dead cells out to get smooth feet
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Ishrat Ansar   |   Published 25.11.21, 12:15 AM

Your feet take care of your entire body. Do you take care of them?

Know the symptoms of dead or dry skin on and around your feet.

• Roughness around the heel

• Peeling of skin

• Bad smell from feet

• Itchiness around the toes

• Occasional burning sensation around the toes

• Occasional rashes

• Cracked skin

Here’s what you have to do:

• Moisturise: Use a good moisturising cream or coconut oil. Apply it and leave it on overnight.

• Exfoliate your feet to remove the dead cells. You can use a pumice stone to scrape the dead cells out.  

• You can wear soft cotton socks to bed after applying a good moisturiser, as they help to lock in moisture.

• Use warm water to soften the dead skin before removing it. 

• You can use an Epsom salt soak, which is anti-inflammatory and also helps to improve blood circulation.

If you have time for none of the above, go for a regular pedicure once in a month or every 20 days.

The columnist manages Ishrat’s Hair & Skin Studio, Lord Sinha Road, Calcutta. Contact @ishratansar

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