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All you need to know about eyebrow threading

Examine your eyebrows after a couple of hours to see if there are any stray hairs you have missed
Stand in front of the mirror in a well-lit room so that you can clearly see your eyebrows

PTI   |     |   Published 14.05.20, 09:22 AM

To thread your eyebrows at home, you will need:

  • 14 to 16-inch piece of high cotton sewing thread
  • Eyebrow brush
  • A pair of small scissors
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Aloe Vera gel/ ice pack

Step 1. Stand in front of the mirror in a well-lit room so that you can clearly see your eyebrows.

Step 2. Draw an outline of the shape you want. Starting from inside of your brow draw out an outline in an outward sweeping motion. This step must not be skipped, especially if you are threading your eyebrows for the first time.

Take both the natural shape of your eyebrows and the shape you want into consideration when drawing the outline. For example if you have thin brows, it is ideal to draw out a thinner arch.

Step 3. Prep your brows. Using an eyebrow brush, sweep your eyebrow hair upwards. Hold the section in place with the brush and use eyebrow scissors to trim the ends of the longer hairs. Comb the hair downwards and repeat the trimming process. Do not over-trim.

After trimming both your eyebrows, brush the hair back in place. Your eyebrows should look slightly groomed and clean. Trimming helps give your eyebrows a neater, fuller look while shortening longer strands, so that it is easier for you to thread.

Step 4. Prepare your thread. Tie the two ends of a piece of thread to form a loop. Ensure that the knot is tight and trim off the loose ends so that you have clean loop.

Step 5. Twist your thread. Hold one side of the loop open with your thumb and forefinger and place your other thumb and forefinger in between the thread on the other side. Use one hand to twist the thread about 4-5 times while keeping your other hand still. You should have a twisted section in the middle.

Step 6. Practise the movement. Opening and closing the distance between your thumb and forefinger on each side of the twisted section will help move it from side to side. Open one hand while you close the other to move the twist. Keep practising until you are confident.

If you find this difficult, try shortening the thread a little. You can also try using your middle and ring finger if you find that more comfortable.

Step 7. Position the twisted centre of the thread over your eyebrow right on top of the hairs you want to remove.

Step 8. Start threading. Close the hand that is in control of the twisted centre while you open the other. Slide the twist across your skin in a slow but firm motion. The corners of the twist will help grab and remove your hair.

  • The twist must always move in the direction opposite to that of your hair growth.
  • Be gentle. You do not want to be too harsh or tug on your skin as this can be painful.

Step 9. Shape your brows. Once you’re done with your first stroke, reposition the twist on to a new section of hair that you want to remove. Repeat this process and continue until you have achieved your desired shape.

Once you get the hang of this you will be able to tackle larger sections of hair in one stroke. Do not forget to thread in between your eyebrows.

Step 10. Once you are done with threading your brows, you will notice a little redness and your skin might feel a bit sore. To help remedy this and to prevent infection, apply some aloe vera gel or ice pack wrapped in cloth to your brows.

Examine your eyebrows after a couple of hours to see if there are any stray hairs you have missed.

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