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A perfect manicure in times of DIY

From getting your kit together to soaking your hands, all about doing it right
Apply the first coat of paint and wait for five minutes

The Telegraph   |   Published 19.03.20, 11:06 AM

In times of social distancing, you may not be visiting the beauty parlour. Here’s the perfect manicure at home for you, in a few easy steps.

1. Prep


Get your kit together: Nail polish, polish remover, nail-clipper, file and cuticle-cutter (optional). Remove the old nail polish.

2. Shape

Use the nail clipper to shape your nails. Then use the file for finish. You don’t have to keep the nails long for the best look. You can pare them short and give the nails a simple, rounded shape. Looks very nice.

3. Cut

Cut your cuticles gently with the cuticle-cutter, cautiously. Some advise against doing it at home as it can create more hangnails and may even cause injury.

4. Soak

Soak your hands in warm soapy water for 10 minutes. Wash well. Apply handcream.

5. Paint

Apply the first coat of paint and wait for five minutes. Apply the second, and wait for five more minutes. Your nails will look good only if the polish dries off well. As for how to apply the polish best, start at the centre and fill in the sides later.

Give yourself a manicure every week.

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