The sacrosanct in a new light

Book: The Lost Art of Scripture: Rescuing the Sacred Texts Author: By Karen Armstrong, Publisher:  Random...

Lest we remember

Book : The Memory Police Author: Yoko Ogawa, Publisher: Vintage Price: £14.99 Yoko Ogawa has won many a...

Falling apart: Musings on existential crisis

Book: The Precipice: Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity Author: Toby Ord Publisher: Bloomsbury Price:...

Books scheduled for 2021 that have us excited

Some of us have cancelled 2020 in our minds and become prone to imagining a time ‘when all of this is ov...

Myanmar: guide to a labyrinth

Book: The Hidden History of Burma: Race, Capitalism, and the Crisis of Democracy in the 21st century Author: T...

Getting under the city’s skin: Delhi's urban ecology

Book: Uncivil City: Ecology, Equity and the Commons in Delhi Author: Amita Baviskar Publisher: Sage Price...

Books  /  Published 05.09.20

How Greg Heffley happened

Rowley has always been Greg’s sidekick whose character was never the hero who naughty kids would be inspired by. What led you to build him into a hero (literally!) and give him his own series? ...
By Shrestha Saha in

Books  /  Published 03.09.20

What lies between the lines

September seems to be the ideal time to pause and ponder the importance of punctuation marks. All the more since the United States of America observes National Punctuation Day this month, with the int...
By Kamalika Basu in

Books  /  Published 03.09.20

Making history with musical milestones

It’s about capturing the essence of the 1960s, which during his “guest appearance” Jerry Garcia voices towards the tail-end: “Every third or fourth generation is a generation o...
By Mathures Paul in

Books  /  Published 03.09.20

The wonder world of animal behaviour

The resultant trivia is not trivial. Even the discerning human may not know that the octopus is allergic to canoodling, simply because the males can end up as a tasty treat for the larger, aggressive ...
By Uddalak Mukherjee in

Books  /  Published 03.09.20

Notes from the ground: The Naxal story

Politics and violence apart, Bhardwaj’s ringside view also provides interesting anecdotes that bring out the reach of cricket and Patanjali products in areas where the government itself is yet t...
By Anita Joshua in

Books  /  Published 03.09.20

The old scars remain: Sino-Indian war of 1967

In total some 500 men were killed in the clashes at Nathu La and Cho La. The conflict has been much less remembered than the war of 1962. Yet, as DasGupta shows, memory does remain if one knows where ...
By Rana Mitter in

Books  /  Published 31.08.20

Emile Guimet longlist features Prajwal Parajuly

France’s Emile Guimet Prize is given every year to an Asian author whose book has been translated into French and this year, Calcutta’ Prajwal Parajuly is on the coveted list with his 2013...
By Shrestha Saha in

Books  /  Published 28.08.20

Cressida Cowell on penning How to Train Your Dragon series

What do you think lies behind the enduring appeal of the books and subsequently the films? I think the relationships in the series, whether it’s with the father or with the dragon, is what appe...
By Priyanka Roy  in

Books  /  Published 27.08.20

A woman in a man’s world of crime

There were no women police officers in the Metropolitan London Police Force until 1915. But way back in 1893, long before women were allowed to be a part of British law enforcement even as prison ward...
By Srimoyee Bagchi in

Books  /  Published 27.08.20

Secret horrors from 1940's Singapore

Lee’s nuanced storyline remarkably blends historical facts, epistles, family history and fiction to provide rare insights into the traumatic experience of comfort women during the Second World W...
By Argha Kr Banerjee in


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