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Review of Thrillophilia: Is It a good platform to book tours?

ABP Digital Brand Studio Published 27.06.22, 10:08 AM

With the growth of online booking platforms, pre-planning tours is now easier than ever before. The staggering range of tours, travel products and experiences now made available to the public has assisted both domestic and international tourists in crafting detailed holiday itineraries.

One of the names that I keep encountering on my forays into online travel booking platforms is that of Thrillophilia; now raising its presence in the online tourism scene, the company appears to have achieved the same level of popularity, if not more, than other existing tourism giants.

An investigation into the company’s hype brought a clear contrast between its competitors and itself:

Website User Experience

The user experience offered by Thrillophilia far exceeds that of its competitors. The content pages on the website offer detailed insight into the trip itineraries offered. The website’s itineraries offer a clear insight into what the trip proposes, the inclusions it offers, and so on. As opposed, itineraires on other OTAs are oddly generic and do not offer much details.

Booking Journey

The booking experience on the platform superseded that of its competitors. I dropped an enquiry on similar products across four sites. Most of the competitor websites had a turnaround time of 4-24 hours, while Thrillophilia took 2 hours to respond.

I was promptly reached out on my number by a sales expert at Thrillophilia asking to schedule a meeting. Upon informing them that I would rather talk right then, the salesperson launched into a detailed discussion of the tour. However, I did encounter a slight setback when the booking confirmation did not arrive within 24 hours, as promised. I received a confirmation for the voucher around 3-4 hours after the designated deadline, but was immediately contacted and apologized to by a dedicated Thrillophilia team member.

Payment Procedure

The website accepts a variety of payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, netbanking, UPI payments and such. There are EMI options available as well for those looking for partial payment methods.

Price Point

All of the tours that I perused on Thrillophilia’s website appeared to reflect lower / similar rates as compared to similar tours on other websites. Upon clearly checking I discovered that Thrillophilia’s package inclusions were similar to those offered by other travel booking platforms on the internet, although the discounts were heftier for the former.

Online Customer Reviews

To gauge audience response towards various companies, I took a dive in the feedback archives listed online. Popular competitors appear to have a higher percentage of negative to positive reviews- around 70% to 30%. On the other hand, nearly 90% reviews for Thrillophilia- as gathered from TripAdvisor, Quora and the company’s own feedback forum- were positive. The company appears to have had a rocky start with some negative reviews dating back to its launch years. The feedback appears to have taken a positive rise over the past few years, with primarily positive customer feedback on its public domains.

Social Media Presence

Social media reach plays an important role in fueling a company’s online presence. In terms of audience interaction, Thrillophilia has exceeded all of its competitors. The company has nearly 2 million followers on its Instagram, along with a strong presence on both Youtube and Facebook. The posts are well curated and engaging, and draws in a good amount of audience interaction.


A detailed enquiry into Thrillophilia’s features and working process led me to conclude that the travel company is, in fact, one step ahead of the other travel platforms on the Internet, in terms of the variety of products offered, the price range, the booking experience and overall customer satisfaction. When it comes specifically to tour bookings, Thrillophilia appears to be the better option in regard. The company offers a vast catalog of tours and experiences that cater to tourists across various budget stratas.


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