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India is at a 'tipping point': CEO Tim Cook heaps praises on India as Apple looks to replicate China success

The US tech giant charted an ambitious retail expansion in the nation last month, when it launched two retail outlets here, in Mumbai and Delhi, during Cook's first trip to the country in seven years

PTI New Delhi Published 05.05.23, 01:04 PM
CEO Tim Cook heaps praises on India as Apple looks to replicate China success

CEO Tim Cook heaps praises on India as Apple looks to replicate China success PTI image

India is at a "tipping point" and a major focus for Apple, the technology giant's CEO Tim Cook has said, terming the opening of its first two retail stores in the country - in Mumbai and Delhi - as a “milestone” for the company.

Speaking at Apple’s Q2 2023 earnings call on Thursday, Cook emphasised the dynamism and vibrancy in the Indian market, calling it “unbelievable”.


"Looking at the business in India, we did set a quarterly record, grew very strong, double digits year-over-year. So it was quite a good quarter for us. Taking a step back, India is an incredibly exciting market. It's a major focus for us,” Cook said.

Referring to his recent visit to India, Cook said in the earnings call, “I was just there, and the dynamism in the market, the vibrancy is unbelievable.” Cook was in India in April, his first trip to the country in seven years, to open Apple's first official retail store in the country, in Mumbai, followed by the launch of a second store in New Delhi. Cook said the stores are "off to a great start.” Terming the opening of Apple’s first two stores in Mumbai and Delhi as a “milestone” for the company, the Apple CEO said, “ a milestone for Apple, we just opened our first two Apple stores in India, in Mumbai and Delhi. I was there to see it for myself, and I couldn't have been more delighted by the excitement and enthusiasm of the customers, developers, creators and team members I got to spend time with." “I've had the chance to connect with customers and teams all around the world in recent months, so many people shared with me that they were fans of Apple, not just because of the innovations we create, but because of the values that guide us, and that means a great deal to us,” he said.

He said that Apple has been expanding its operations in India to serve more customers.

“We've got a number of channel partners in the country as well that we're partnering with, and we're very happy with how that's going overall. Overall, I couldn't be more delighted and excited by the enthusiasm I'm seeing for the brand there,” Cook said.

He added that many people are “coming into the middle class, and I really feel that India is at a tipping point, and it's great to be there.” On Apple’s performance in other emerging markets, Cook said the company had a stellar quarter in emerging markets overall, with records set in several places, including Indonesia and Mexico, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, and quarterly records set in Brazil, India and Malaysia.

“It was a great quarter for emerging markets in general, despite the headwinds of the currency…and so we're putting efforts in a number of these markets and really see, particularly given our low share and the dynamics of the demographics, et cetera, a great opportunity for us in those markets,” he said.

Apple reported revenue of USD 94.8 billion for the March quarter and set an “all-time record” for services and a March quarter record for iPhone.

Responding to a question comparing the market in India today and that in China a decade ago, Cook said each country is different and has its journey, “so I hesitate to compare too much. But what I do see in India is a lot of people entering the middle class, and I'm hopeful that we can convince some number of them to buy an iPhone, and we'll see how that works out. But right now, it's working out well.” In response to another question on which segment he sees the biggest opportunity for Apple in India, he said there is an opportunity across the board, including in services.

“Obviously, the ARPUs (average revenue per user) are lower in India for whether you're talking about TV and movie streaming or music, the ARPUs are much lower than other regions. But if you look at it over a long arc of time, I think there's a good opportunity across the board,” he said.

Cook also met Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his recent visit.

"An absolute delight to meet you, @tim_cook! Glad to exchange views on diverse topics and highlight the tech-powered transformations taking place in India," the prime minister tweeted after meeting Apple CEO.

Cook also took to Twitter and said, “Thank you, Prime Minister @narendramodi for the warm welcome. We share your vision of the positive impact technology can make on India's future — from education and developers to manufacturing and the environment, we're committed to growing and investing across the country.” Cook had last visited India in 2016 when the tech giant began scaling up operations in the country.

The company has set up a two-storey Apple store in Mumbai, covering an area of around 20,000 square feet. The Apple Saket Store in Delhi is half the size of the Mumbai store. The barricade for the Apple Saket store features a unique design that takes inspiration from the capital's many gates.

The company has more than 70 highly skilled retail team members at Apple Saket Store who come from a combined 18 states in India and collectively speak more than 15 languages.

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