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Gaurav Pawar – The man behind ‘It’s all about Journey’

ABP Digital Brand Studio Published 19.01.22, 09:16 PM

We all require assistance at some point in our life, particularly when it comes to our health and fitness. People may work on themselves, stay physically, and psychologically well in today's day. Gaurav Pawar Inspires People to Live Healthy Life and regain their confidence, particularly in terms of health and fitness with various programs that must be followed to achieve the intended results.

Gaurav Pawar dropped out of college and joined a gym in Pune to pursue a career in the fitness industry. That's when he came up with the idea for ‘It’s all about the journey, and he put together an elite team of Journey Masters to manage the social media and Operations. Pawar launched his company online in the year 2020 when the majority of people we're dealing with uncertainty. Gaurav has been the life changer for various popular influencers like Sameeksha Sud, Heer Naik, Surbhi Sikri, Shafaq Naaz, Mrunal Panchal, and Mrunal Panchal along with other celebrities.

Gaurav Pawar gave the 30-Day Reincarnation Challenge to celebrity Mrunal Panchal when she sought advice. Mrunal was a strict follower of the workouts and the healthy eating habits she had created for herself. Mrunal attained the expected results after adhering to Gaurav's instructions and under his supervision. Within days of enrolling in the reincarnation program, she nailed the ideal abs. Gaurav also enrolled her in a meditation class after learning about her mental health concerns. Mrunal Panchal is doing well in her life now, thanks to the IAAF and Gaurav.

Gaurav Says “Dedicated fitness trainers, nutritionists, and doctors ensure rapid weight loss in just a few days. That is not the case. Everyone's personality is unique, as is their way of life. Which necessitates individual supervision and a personal strategy. You can do it if you are willing to work hard to reach your objective. Hard work, devotion, consistency, and patience are essential for achieving any life objectively. We won't be able to walk on the path if any one part is missing. But have no fear, It's All About Journey has a solution for you”

Gaurav is also a well-known celebrity fitness coach who has been training Babita Wallach of Tarak Mehta ka Ulta chashma fame for the preceding two months, and it was one of Gaurav's greatest achievements as a trainer and fitness instructor. Gaurav has ascended to the top as a Fitness Coach in just three years, earning over one crore this financial year. He started his fitness enterprise with just three people and now has a tribe of 25. In his three years as a fitness instructor, Gaurav Pawar, a fitness coach, and trainer, has transformed over 2500 clients.

Things like health and fitness are within our control at times like these, when lockdowns have grown unexpectedly and the COVID scare is at an all-time high. If you want to learn how to love yourself physically and mentally, connect with Gaurav and bring a change in your life.

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