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The Rolling Stones to get set of 12 stamps Royal Mail

The stamps feature their concerts in America, UK, Europe and Japan

Amit Roy London Published 12.01.22, 02:58 AM
The Rolling Stones : 'greatest rock and roll band in the world'

The Rolling Stones : 'greatest rock and roll band in the world' File picture

The Rolling Stones, described by fans as “the greatest rock and roll band in the world”, will certainly get a lot of satisfaction from the set of 12 stamps Royal Mail are bringing out on January 22 to mark 60 years of their existence.

The stamps feature concerts they have given in America, the UK, Europe and in Japan as well as posters for world tours.


In 2005, the Rolling Stones were awarded the accolade of greatest touring band of all time at the World Music Awards. They have sold an estimated 250 million records and in the UK have eight number one singles and 13 number one albums. Their countless awards include four Grammys, three MTV Music Awards and nine NME Awards. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989.

According to Royal Mail, “the gradual shift from young upstarts to elder statesmen of rock has done nothing to dent The Rolling Stones’ image as the definition of a certain kind of cool — and of rock and roll itself. Since they began as a group, their singles and albums have produced a string of evergreen rock classics, powered by some of the greatest guitar riffs ever written.”

David Gold, director of public affairs & policy at Royal Mail, said: “Few bands in the history of rock have managed to carve out a career as rich and expansive as that of the Rolling Stones. They have created some of modern music’s most iconic and inspirational albums, with ground-breaking live performances to match.”

What he doesn’t say is that Royal Mail would probably need even more stamps to depict Mick Jagger’s love life.

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