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Moss proves adage right

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  • Published 5.04.06

London, April 5: Kate Moss, the model who has been accused of cocaine use, cemented the rebirth of her career yesterday by signing a new deal with Calvin Klein, the label that made her a household name.

The news of the ?500,000 contract came as it emerged she may also escape prosecution after it was claimed that there was insufficient evidence to charge her with drug abuse.

The deal to advertise Calvin Klein jeans proves right the old adage there is no such thing as bad publicity and boosts her estimated earnings to nearly ?9 million a year, almost double the amount she earned before her fall from grace.

Moss, 32, one of the highest paid models in the world, lost contracts worth millions of pounds after being filmed allegedly snorting cocaine last year. Since then she has rapidly rebuilt her career, appearing on the covers of magazines and fronting advertising campaigns.

The new deal will have special significance because it was the US designer who shot Moss, then a teenager, into the supermodel league. She was the “face” of the label for eight years until the late 1990s.