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Pick of products at Trade Fair

The fair has on offer saris, salwars, jewellery, dry fruits, furniture, kitchens wares etc.
Customers crowd a stall at the Trade Fair

The Telegraph   |   Calcutta   |   Published 22.06.19, 04:41 PM


While the winter trade fair in Science City caters to all of Calcutta, Salt Lake is the only locality that merits its own such fair,” said Smarajit Purkayastha, assistant director general, The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCC&I) at the inauguration of India International Mega Trade Fair.

The fair, currently on at the Central Park fairgrounds till June 23 from 2pm to 9pm, was inaugurated by mayor Sabyasachi Dutta, who said he was proud that the fair was taking place in the township.

The fair is being held jointly by BCCI and GS Marketing Associates. “This is our company’s silver jubilee and this fair our 214th,” said chairman GS Marketing Associates, Prakash Shah. “Science City gets the best response across India and the fact that we’re returning to Salt Lake shows that there is great demand here too.”

Last year, 210 stalls had come to the show and this year the count is 250. Five foreign countries — Turkey, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Thailand and Pakistan — have come too. The products are divided among pavilions like. Besides the auto pavilion, all are air-conditioned. Entry ticket is Rs 20.

The fair has on offer saris, salwars, jewellery, dry fruits, furniture, kitchens wares etc. Here are some products to look out for - 

Steam iron

Anyone tired of ironing clothes should visit this stall. The steam iron requires no pressure to be applied and smoothens clothes as they hang up on the wall. “It’s faster, ironing one side ensures the other side gets ironed too and no clothes can get burnt,' says Himanshu Kumar. The gadget has special nozzles that allow you to inhale steam when you have a cold. It can also remove lint from woollens, clean sofas and act as a humidifier for indoor plants.

Where: Multi Purpose Magic Steamer, Consumer Lifestyle hall

Price: Rs 1,700

Wall mounted shoe rack

This five inch-wide chest of drawers opens up to hold up to 20 pairs of shoes. “It’s the ultimate space saver,” says Md Javed from Hyderabad. The closets are pinned to the walls and come in coffee brown, purple and white.

Where: Wallmount, Furniture and Interior hall

Price: Rs 4,000 for a three-layered closet

Denim tiffin box

This stall sells the smartest-looking tiffin boxes with denim, woollen or cheetah-print covers. “They’re made of the best food grade steel and the designs are printed on the covers,” says Amit Kumar Singh. The food can be laid out in three or four layers and will stay warm for six to eight hours. “On Sunday we sold five units.”

Where: Vaya, Brands and Lifestyle hall

Price: Rs 2,500 


Find the glitziest hairbands at this stall, from fluffy gold sequinned ribbons on top to Minnie Mouse-like ears and ribbons. “Outside Thailand, we give stalls only in India. Sales are good and Indo-Thai relations are friendly so we like coming down,” said Muay, the Thai lady manning the corner.

Where: Idea 180 Thailand, international hall

Price: Rs 100 for gold ribbon hairbands, Rs 200 for Minnie Mouse bands

Mist fan

These portable fans not only blow some air into your face but also sprinkle water. “Given how hot it is outside, we have already sold about 60 of these,” said the salesgirl. The fans come shaped as animals like monkeys and giraffes and have a small space to hold water that is sprinkled. Also, the fan isn’t battery-operated. It has to be wound up manually.

Where: Kareem Traders, international hall

Price: Rs 150

Tarot card reader

Relationship problems? Career headed south? Never in the pink of health? Maybe Priya Agarwal, a tarot card reader has an answer. “Many visitors are claiming they are depressed or bogged down by negativity. Besides assessing their situation I also help them with remedies,” said the lady from Delhi who practises reiki, numermology and the like.

Where: International hall

Price: Rs 500

Transport series clocks

“I love bikes and got myself a Harley Davidson a couple of years ago. Thereafter I started making miniature bikes and then other modes of transport — all with inbuilt clocks,” says Samir Guri of Jodhpur. The clocks can be wall-mounted or made to stand with support.

Where: Home Decor Gallery, international hall

Price: Clock bikes at Rs 10,500, helicopters, Rs 3,500, cycle Rs 4,000, train engine Rs 4,500

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