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Home-bound students get fitness tips

Several schools celebrate International Yoga Day by organising inter-house yoga competition to engage children

Arundhati Bhattacharya , Neha Singh Published 10.08.21, 02:04 AM

Delhi Public School (Joka)

Students of Delhi Public School, Joka, came together to emphasise the importance of inculcating yoga into their daily lives by observing the International Yoga Day virtually. This year’s theme of the day was Yoga for Wellness.


The school organised an inter-house yoga competition to engage the children in the celebration. Students demonstrated various yoga postures and made people aware of long-term benefits of each posture. Even parents became a part of this celebration and performed various asanas under the supervision of yoga teachers. “It was satisfying to see both students and parents taking part actively in understanding the relevance of yoga in healing our body and mind. Even in the session of online classes, every class has been assigned a yoga period where they practise yoga,” said principal Writuparna Chatterjee.

Sushila Birla Girls’ School

The primary section of Sushila Birla Girls’ School recently celebrated International Yoga Day, virtually. Children from Nursery to Class II attended a training session on yoga under the supervision of yoga teachers. Students learnt animal yoga, which included postures resembling cobra, butterfly, gorilla and others, through the play-way method. For the students of classes III to V, a 15-minute video guide on how to perform pranayama exercises —kapalbhati, bhastrika, anulom-vilom and bhramari to name a few — was played. A quiz and yoga competitions were also included in the day’s activity. “Students benefit from yoga as it not only acts as a stress buster, but also helps to build confidence. Yoga helps restore physical and mental well-being which goes a long way in achieving sound health,” said principal Koeli Dey.

The BSS School

Students of The BSS School came together virtually to celebrate the International Yoga Day. Around 300 students from classes VI to XII took part in the celebration and performed asanas. The programme commenced with representatives from the student council body speaking about the origin and benefits of yoga. Clips on the general well-being, nutrient deficiencies and their symptoms, along with the importance of Surya Namaskar, were displayed at the meet. “This is an important day to remind all that health of the mind and body is anyone’s greatest treasure. Yoga originated in India, and it is all the more imperative for all Indians to practise the basics of it to keep themselves fit and agile,” said principal Sunita Sen.

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