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4th phase of LS polls in Bengal: Tracking constituencies, EC, candidates and leaders

Around 1.35 crore voters in 8 South Bengal constituencies are to vote on Monday in the 4th phase of the LS elections in the state

The Telegraph Published 28.04.19, 07:59 PM
Polling personnel carry EVMs in Bolpur on Sunday.

Polling personnel carry EVMs in Bolpur on Sunday. Picture by Indrajit Roy

In terms of security bandobast, the Election Commission will set a record as central forces will be deployed at 9,685 of 9,804 polling stations.

Its an all-time high that 98.8 per cent of the booths will be brought under the paramilitary personnel. Besides, 88 Quick Response Teams of the central forces will be ready to rush and tackle any eventuality. “We are prepared to conduct free, fair and peaceful elections across eight parliamentary constituencies tomorrow (Monday),” said additional chief electoral officer Sanjay Basu while rolling out the details of the bandobast for the voting in Murshidabad, East Burdwan, Birbhum and Nadia districts. Given the history of electoral malpractices in those districts, the poll panel faces a real challenge, as all eyes would be on how the voting is conducted. The phase four of the voting will be a test for 68 candidates, including some political heavyweights of Bengal.


The Telegraph presents a lowdown on the challenges facing the poll panel, politicians and also voters.

Election Commission

The security bandobast may be in place, but the biggest challenge for the central forces will be to ensure that there is no intimidation of voters. In the past few elections, there were complaints that the polling process was vitiated by proxy voting as original voters were prevented from going to booths in large areas of Murshidabad, East Burdwan, Birbhum and Nadia

Adhir Chowdhury

Adhir Chowdhury The Telegraph file picture

Babul Supriyo

Babul Supriyo The Telegraph file picture

Main candidates

Adhir Chowdhury: The Behrampore Congress nominee faces a serious threat of defeat in the last fort he holds in Murshidabad. Greatly diminished in clout and stature since Trinamul pulled the Murshidabad rug from under his feet, Behrampore is a battle for Chowdhury’s political survival.

Babul Supriyo: The motormouth BJP nominee of Asansol takes on a united Trinamul. Last time, Trinamul was a divided house in Asansol. There is no Narendra Modi wave either this time and the entire BJP machinery is not with him. Besides, his image of a sweet next-door boy of 2014 has taken a beating in the past five years.

Anubrata Mondal

Anubrata Mondal The Telegraph file picture


Anubrata Mondal: The Birbhum Trinamul chief has to ensure victories in four seats, two each in his home district and Nadia. Reports of a saffron surge in Nadia expanded his mandate and he has a task cut out for Monday as Mamata would not settle for anything other than 4-0 from her favourite Keshto.

Subhendu Adhikari

Subhendu Adhikari The Telegraph file picture

Subhendu Adhikari: The East Midnapore strongman of Trinamul has got the mandate to wipe out Chowdhury from Murshidabad, a mission that will be incomplete without felling the Congress nominee in his fief. If Chowdhury remains invincible this time as well, it would be a personal setback for Adhikari.

Aroop Biswas

Aroop Biswas The Telegraph file picture

Aroop Biswas: The Bengal chief minister’s go-to-man for Tollywood has the difficult task of wresting Asansol from Supriya and present it to Mamata through the hands of Moon Moon Sen. If the singer-turned-BJP politician retains the seat, Biswas would have a face loss as he has already promised the seat to his mentor.


The maximum temperature recorded at Sriniketan on Sunday was 40.7 degrees Celsius. With the Met Office not predicting any respite, there is little doubt that the voters will have to sweat it out under the sun in temperatures ranging between 38 and 42 degrees Celsius.


Assembly seats: Ketugram, Mangalkot, Ausgram, Bolpur, Nanoor, Labhpur and Mayureswar

Total voters: 17,02,366 (male: 8,69,828, female: 832514, third gender: 24)

Polling stations: 1,957

Polling personnel: 8,205

Critical polling stations: 251

CPMF: 68 companies


Assembly seats: Dubrajpur, Suri, Sainthia, Rampurhat, Hansan, Nalhati and Muraroi

Total voters: 16,96,851 (male: 8,60,967, female: 8,35,865, third gender: 19)

Polling stations: 1,908

Polling personnel: 8,961

Critical polling stations: 458

CPMF: 72 companies


Assembly seats: Behrampore, Beldanga, Nowda, Rejinagar, Kandi, Bharatpur and Burwan

Total voters: 16, 32, 087 (male: 8, 36,792, female: 7,95,255, third gender: 40)

Polling stations: 1,844

Polling personnel: 8,704

Critical polling stations: 1,844

CPMF: 69


Assembly seats: Raina, Jamalpur, Kalna, Memari, Purbasthali (South) Purbasthali (north) and Katwa

Total voters: 16,94,590 (male: 86,8018, female: 826524, third gender: 48)

Polling stations: 1,909

Polling personnel: 8,200

Critical polling stations: 50 per cent

CPMF: 99 per cent of the booths will be covered by central forces


Assembly seats: Burdwan (South), Burdwan (North), Monteswar, Bhatar, Galsi, Durgapur East and Durgapur West

Total voters: 17,21,460 (male: 876485, female: 844952, third gender: 23)

Polling stations: 2,006

Polling personnel: 8,500

Critical polling stations: 1,003

CPMF: 99 per cent of the booths will be covered by central forces


Assembly seats: Asansol (North), Asansol (South), Kulti, Barabani, Jamuria, Raniganj and Pandaveswar

Total voters: 16,07206 (male: 8,39,571,

female: 7,67, 587,

third gender: 48)

Polling stations: 1,860

Polling personnel: 8,000

Critical polling stations: 300

CPMF: 87 companies


Assembly seats: Krishnagar North, Krishnagar South, Tehatta, Chapra, Nakashipara, Kaliganj and Palashipara

Total voters: 16,24,866 (male: 8,42,215, female: 7,82,610, third gender: 41)

Polling stations: 1,812

Polling personnel: 8,628

Critical polling stations: 787

CPMF: 97 per cent of the booths will be covered by central forces


Assembly seats: Ranaghat North-West, Ranaghat North-East, Ranaghat South, Chakdah, Krishnaganj, Santipur and Nabadwip

Total voters: 17,56,445 (male: 9,04,849, female: 8,51,548, third gender: 48)

Polling stations: 1,971

Polling personnel: 10,082

Critical polling stations: 855

CPMF: 98.5 per cent of the booths will be covered by central forces

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