Steve Jobs
World  /  Published 12.08.22

Exit on cards?

The young kings of Silicon Valley are dismounting their unicorns. They’re writing sentimental blog posts that outline their legacies. They’re expressing hope for their companies’ pro...
By Erin Griffith in San Francisco

Lifestyle  /  Published 03.07.22

The revolution continues

Connected and disconnected Hand in hand with innovation comes problems. The early problems were technical. For example, it was easy for credit cards to be charged while playing games and making in-ap...
By Mathures Paul

Entertainment  /  Published 27.06.22

Decoding minds of tech billionaires

Elon Musk - Return to Space (Netflix)  This Netflix documentary explores arguably the most enigmatic, mysterious and polarising businessman of our times and his dream to reach the stars. Directe...
By Saikat Chakraborty in Calcutta

Science Tech  /  Published 29.05.22

Worldwide Developers Conference: Swift and sure

Vidit Bhargava Vidit Bhargava is the person who easily gets absorbed in the visual essence of a place. One of the finest coders in India, he is best known for the app LookUp, which he started buildin...
By Mathures Paul

Lifestyle  /  Published 13.05.22

Goodbye iPod — the device that turned the music business upside down

Take California by Propellerheads Hey Mama by Black Eyed Peas Rock Star by N.E.R.D. Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet Chanel Surfing by Featurecast Walkie Talkie Man by Steriogram Street Signs by ...
By Mathures Paul


World  /  Published 12.05.22

Apple: No more iPods

The iPod began with a modest goal: Let’s create a music product that makes people want to buy more Macintosh computers. Within a few years, it would change consumer electronics and the music ind...
By Tripp Mickle

People  /  Published 06.01.22

What the Elizabeth Holmes tale teaches us

There are moments when we need a charismatic leader to reignite belief and resilience in a team after a crushing defeat. But we need to stop looking for charisma as a precondition of leadership. Most ...
By Abhijit Bhaduri

Science Tech  /  Published 05.01.22

Apple hits $3 trillion valuation

For Tim Cook, it’s all in a day’s work. Apple has become the first company to touch $3 trillion market captilisation but the journey has been long and never easy. In 1997, Steve Jobs stepp...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 20.11.21

Apple’s self service repair scheme is a welcome move

The news comes at a time when right-to-repair advocates are pushing for legislation. This year, 27 US states have considered right to repair bills, and the first national right to repair bill was intr...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 13.10.21

A decade without Steve Jobs

• Steve Jobs founded Apple Computer in 1976 with his high-school friend Steve Wozniak. Their first product was the Apple I. • In 1983, Apple unveiled a desktop computer called Lisa, which f...
By Mathures Paul


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