Books  /  Published 19.02.21

Sparks of truth and lies

Muriel Spark, who would have turned 103 this month, was no stranger to rumours, half-truths, outright lies and other kinds of falsehood. Indeed, they swirled around her as they do around so many autho...
By Nayantara Mazumder

Arts  /  Published 14.02.20

Community fosters suburban theatre

To this reviewer’s mind, a crucial difference between theatre in Calcutta and that in the suburbs is that theatre in the city neither is nor can ever be as thoroughly entrenched in the matrix of com...
By Dipankar Sen

West Bengal  /  Published 17.03.19

Uncertainty shrouds Bhoot’s future

The future of Bhobishyoter Bhoot is still uncertain.Anik Dutta’s film was not screened in the city on Saturday, a day after the Supreme Court directed the state to ensure unhindered screening of the...
By Priyanka Roy in Calcutta

Opinion  /  Published 28.04.19

And so we are on the fences

And so we are. Indeed. Where else would we be? These are our fences. We made them. But we choose not to see them. At the best of times. At the worst of times. Our fences are what we choose not to see....
By Sankarshan Thakur

Opinion  /  Published 19.04.19

The stoical Everyman in Sudhir Dar's cartoons

Once a daily feature in many national dailies and those published in the vernacular varieties as well, cartoons took a critical look at contemporary social and political mores, using humour either to ...
By Soumitra Das


Opinion  /  Published 18.08.19

Birdie, birdie, kee gall hai?

Or, translated from Punglish, whatever’s the matter, birds? The answer, traditionally, in Engjabi, used to be: Sirdie,Sirdie,SeagullHai.But never mind, those were the days. Days when we used to...
By Sankarshan Thakur

Opinion  /  Published 04.08.19

Maneaters and other wildings

Are you ready for it folks? Excited? Just can’t wait, isn’t it? Tossing and turning in sleep and like coked-out awake, aren’t you? Like totally GobsmackedBazoookaBoomed about it and totes tickli...
By Sankarshan Thakur

Opinion  /  Published 10.03.19

All of it is Fake. All of it is News

There’s a teetar caught in the dogfight which is not really a fight between dogs. Wonder why they call it a dogfight when there are no dogs involved at all. Perhaps another way of giving a dog a bad...
By Sankarshan Thakur

Opinion  /  Published 22.02.19

Vande Bharat jokes have got Modi's goat

Sir — Narendra Modi has said that those mocking the Vande Bharat Express should be “punished”. India’s first semi-high-speed train developed technical problems during its return journey from V...
By The Telegraph

Opinion  /  Published 20.02.19

Which is more scary: shadowy powers or ghosts?

By The Editorial Board


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