Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Opinion  /  Published 19.11.21

Migrant pawns: EU's responsibilities

As thousands of migrants, mostly from the Middle East, struggle to survive in sub-zero temperatures along the Poland-Belarus border, the world is staring at a humanitarian crisis that is the result of...
By The Editorial Board

World  /  Published 24.09.21

Taliban not inclusive: Erdogan

President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday the Taliban’s current approach and their interim government were not inclusive but Turkey was willing to work with them if they formed a more encompassi...
By Reuters in Ankara

Opinion  /  Published 24.06.21

Time for nimble diplomacy

For four decades, Afghanistan has been the theatre of a Great Game involving a range of foreign actors — the United States of America, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, India and China — that has de...
By Charu Sudan Kasturi

Opinion  /  Published 01.02.21

One Donald, many Trumps

Donald Trump is gone, marking the end of one of the lowest points in American democracy. In this heady moment, there will be a temptation to believe that his presidency was an aberration, and that wit...
By Hasan Suroor

Opinion  /  Published 28.12.20

Unique problem with Arab World

Ten years ago this month, Mohamed Bouazizi, a street vendor in Tunisia, set himself alight in front of a government building in rage at the corrupt dictatorship that had ruined his young life. His sac...
By Gwynne Dyer


Opinion  /  Published 10.09.20

A strange era: The end of liberalism

Those who follow international political developments have observed that there has been an increase in the number of countries with authoritarian heads of state. Surprisingly, most of these government...
By Anup Sinha

India  /  Published 26.08.20

Aamir: what the Sangh forgot

The article features pictures from Aamir’s visit. One picture of Aamir wearing a Turkish hat is captioned: “Aamir presented with a Ertugal Hat in Turkey has a deeper political meaning than...
By J.P. Yadav in New Delhi

Opinion  /  Published 17.07.20

Shared treasure

The significance of historical monuments is seldom limited to the domain of aesthetics. Edifices and artifacts have, in the course of history, been appropriated by political projects. In fact, it can ...
By The Editorial Board

Opinion  /  Published 16.07.20

Postcolonial ambitions

Turkey’s decision to reconvert the majestic Hagia Sophia monument in Istanbul into a mosque has led to near-universal dismay. Hagia Sophia, built as a church by the Byzantines, converted into a ...
By Arghya Sengupta

World  /  Published 13.07.20

Pope Francis pained by Hagia Sophia shift

Pope Francis said on Sunday he was hurt by Turkey’s decision to make Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia museum a mosque, the latest religious leader to condemn the move. “My thoughts go to Ist...
By Reuters in Vatican City


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