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Opinion  /  Published 31.07.19

A precious milestone of Jesuit education

Early 16th-century Europe experienced major changes and, influenced by the discovery of the Americas and an ongoing European Renaissance, the culture began to embody the values of a modern world. Econ...
By J. Felix Raj

Opinion  /  Published 13.04.20

A world plagued

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” John Lennon had said memorably. The spread of Covid-19 over the last three months might provide the most powerful illustration...
By Ruchir Joshi

Opinion  /  Published 30.07.19

Thinking is at least as important as texting

I received two messages which arrived almost simultaneously, fairly early in the morning, about a fortnight ago: the first, written on a postcard, had been posted from Addis Ababa by a globetrotting f...
By Samantak Das

Opinion  /  Published 25.07.19

Conspiracy theories about media freedom

After a resounding electoral mandate, the narrative of the habitual dissenters invariably changes. The theory that caste would be the most formidable defence against majoritarianism collapsed in a hea...
By Swapan Dasgupta

Opinion  /  Published 06.04.20

Repeat promise, on with the game

Politicians are players in the game of ruling a country. They cannot achieve much in the time they get in power; but being in power has its advantages — it is, in fact, the point of the game — so ...
By Ashok V. Desai


Opinion  /  Published 14.07.19

Cricket and nationalism: joined at the hip

Liberals tend to deplore perfervid nationalism in sport in a hand-wringing way, looking past the fact that many sports are mortgaged to nationalism for their needle and their audience. Latin American ...
By Mukul Kesavan

Opinion  /  Published 09.07.19

The cheap attack on Mahua Moitra

To reiterate the basic story first. At the start of the parliamentary session in June, the Trinamul Congress MP, Mahua Moitra, gives her maiden speech in the Lok Sabha. The speech is in clear, simple ...
By Ruchir Joshi

Opinion  /  Published 02.07.19

Wanted: People who ask intelligent questions

Sam Asher of Oxford University and Paul Novosad of Dartmouth College have been studying the impact of infrastructure development, principally roads, in India. They used the brightness of electric ligh...
By Ashok V. Desai

Opinion  /  Published 27.06.19

Boris Johnson: an unusual heir

Barring the truly unexpected, the United Kingdom will have a new prime minister in July. In the past, the selection of a mid-term prime minister was a relatively smooth affair, particularly in the Con...
By Swapan Dasgupta

Opinion  /  Published 23.06.19

Scales of grace: apologies through history

Two apologies have been among the ‘results’ of the elections just concluded. When you make a mistake, the judge, S.K. Kaul, said to Rahul Gandhi’s counsel, admit it. The matter was about the att...
By Gopalkrishna Gandhi


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