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Opinion  /  Published 20.06.19

Are we really a parliamentary democracy?

In 2014, with the emergence of Narendra Modi as a larger-than-life campaigner overshadowing his party, began the rumblings of electoral democracy in India having become presidential. Modi spoke in ral...
By Arghya Sengupta

Opinion  /  Published 19.06.19

East and west in maritime India: distinct coastal tales

The Indian Ocean has the character it does only because of the Indian subcontinent as a whole — jutting out, to quote the great Indian historian and diplomat, K.M. Panikkar, “far into the sea for ...
By T.C.A. Raghavan

Opinion  /  Published 18.06.19

Economists' tips for the Modi government

So is the economists’ model. They want the book to be read by those who find economics boring. So equations, tables and graphs are largely dispensed with. Every chapter is preceded by a short list o...
By Ashok V. Desai

Opinion  /  Published 19.03.20

Trump-Modi show is unconvincing

The symbolic power of a regime is a test of its durability. Unfortunately, symbols are too often the domain of the mass media in today’s society. It is a strange world where the media define the sta...
By Shiv Visvanathan

Opinion  /  Published 17.03.20

Rights and duties of the citizen

Freedoms of speech, expression, assembly and trade are fundamental rights of every Indian citizen. Despite this solemn constitutional guarantee, an innocuous slogan, ‘Pakistan zindabad, Hindustan zi...
By Arghya Sengupta


Opinion  /  Published 07.03.20

Border of unreason: CAA

Before the Citizenship (Amendment) Act was passed, under the Citizenship Act of 1955 all illegal migrants in India, without exception, were liable to prosecution and deportation. The CAA made an excep...
By Mukul Kesavan

Opinion  /  Published 11.01.20

Cherished voices, collective romance

Say ‘Anglo Indian’ and those who are not Anglo Indian themselves will conjure up a certain image — brown to blonde to golden hair, light to pale grey to true blue eyes, freckles and furrows tha...
By Gopalkrishna Gandhi

Opinion  /  Published 05.01.20

Tinted codes

Alfred North Whitehead, the mathematician-turned-philosopher, defined the task of philosophy as one of assembling. For Whitehead, it is the assembling of ideas that forms the task of philosophy. Exten...
By A. Raghuramaraju

Opinion  /  Published 30.12.19

State of the economy: Beyond hiccups

An eminent economist observed recently in a national daily’s blog that in spite of the Indian economy’s periodic hiccups, there is no serious threat to the system. “[H]istory,” he asserts, “...
By Dipankar Dasgupta

Opinion  /  Published 05.02.20

Budget breaks from the past

For decades before he became prime minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a stalwart of the Opposition, even when he wasn’t formally the leader of the Opposition. One of the obligatory duties of an Oppo...
By Swapan Dasgupta


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