Health  /  Published 05.01.22

When the bug hits the gut

In India, around 10 million suspected cases of food poisoning happen every year. All age groups are affected — from infants to the elderly. It usually occurs as an outbreak, with several members...
By Dr Gita Mathai

World  /  Published 25.08.21

Jabs: antibodies in breast milk too

The breast milk of lactating mothers who have received the Covid-19 vaccine contains a significant supply of antibodies that may help protect nursing infants from the illness, according to a study. T...
By Our Bureau, PTI in Washington

India  /  Published 25.07.21

Many now able to combat coronavirus, say experts

While a large number of people now have immunity against coronavirus due to previous infections or vaccination, a guarded approach is needed in terms of implementing restrictive measures to avoid a se...
By Our Bureau, PTI in New Delhi

India  /  Published 07.06.21

Covishield: call to cut dose gap

By G.S. Mudur in New Delhi

World  /  Published 28.05.21

Covid: Immunity ‘may persist for years’

Immunity to the coronavirus lasts at least a year, possibly a lifetime, improving over time especially after vaccination, according to two new studies. The findings may help put to rest lingering fear...
By Apoorva Mandavilli in New York


World  /  Published 11.05.21

Covid: Hopes for herd immunity fade

Early in the pandemic, there was hope that the world would one day achieve herd immunity, the point when the coronavirus lacks enough hosts to spread easily. But over a year later, the virus is crushi...
By Andrés R. Martínez and Madeleine Ngo in New York

Health  /  Published 05.05.21

Zinc: your immunity booster

There has been a sudden interest in zinc, a heavy metal found in trace amounts in the human body. This is because it apparently has a partially protective role in preventing and reducing the severity ...
By Dr Gita Mathai

World  /  Published 04.05.21

US ‘herd immunity unlikely’

Early in the pandemic, when vaccines for the coronavirus were still just a glimmer on the horizon, the term “herd immunity” came to signify the endgame: the point when enough Americans wou...
By Apoorva Mandavilli in New York

India  /  Published 11.02.21

Diptheria low immunity alert: Study

A nationwide study has revealed that less than a third of children below 17 years in India have required immunity levels against diphtheria, a serious bacterial infection, despite a decades-old immuni...
By G.S. Mudur in New Delhi

India  /  Published 06.01.21

Fall in Covid numbers point to herd immunity

But one consequence of developing the vaccines at ultra-high speed is that there are still several questions, including no clear picture yet on how long immunity will last after the second and final i...
By Paran Balakrishnan in New Delhi


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