We are hooked to the Mission: Impossible — Fallout update in PUBG mobile! Here’s why...


  • Published 1.09.18

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible — Fallout (top) and (above) a player sporting a wardrobe inspired by the film — Jacket A with gloves, trousers, shoes and the iconic aviators

For the past month, Mission Impossible has been reminding us of “winner winner chicken dinner” instead of Tom Cruise’s death-defying stunts. Thanks to a month-long Mission:Impossible — Fallout (MIF) “takeover” of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile), we are able to experience the game’s content inspired by the film. Sadly, this update will come to an end on September 1. Even though we can’t play as Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), we can look like him, complete with the outfits.

After being glued to our smartphones for a month, we take a look at the features that kept us hooked to the game.

Player in Jacket B, available in the new update


The new parachute with the movie’s title printed on it is available. Mind you, it isn’t the best parachute available but it sure is a cool one and easy to get (and it helps to unlock an achievement too!).


The coolest addition is the wardrobe based on Mission:Impossible — Fallout, which can be redeemed with Agent IDs (exclusive redemption items). Though the items are available separately, saving up your Agent IDs and buying all the items at one go will not only save you time but will also complete Ethan’s look from the movie. If you redeem the outfits before September 1, you can continue using them. The themed outfits include:

Jackets: There are two jackets available in the update — Jacket A and B. Jacket A comes in black leather with an open front, while Jacket B is a black sports number with grey designs on the front and back. Our favourite? Jacket A because it was worn by Ethan throughout the film. Both jackets cost 70 Agent IDs and they come with a pair of black gloves.

Trousers: There’s just one set of pants available. Even though it has tough padding on the shins, it doesn’t really do much in resisting the bullets. Pretty cool nonetheless! The pants will set you back by 50 Agent IDs.

Shoes: A pair of shoes, resembling the classic leather high-tops worn by Ethan, will cost you 40 Agent IDs.

Crates: Three new crates — boxes full of items — are available in this update, costing one, three, and five Agent IDs, which reveal a combination of Mission:Impossible — Fallout-themed outfits and regular weapons when redeemed. 

Background music

To give you a feel of the film, the Mission:Impossible theme music is available. This can be activated from the game’s settings. The iconic theme music to which Ethan performs cool stunts gets us hyped at the start of every match.

In-game rewards

After successfully completing daily challenges, players can redeem their Agent IDs for Mission:Impossible — Fallout-themed outfits and crates. Once redeemed, the outfits are available permanently.


Other cool thing that the update offers are new daily challenges for Team Rush, Survival and First-Person Perspective modes. Integrating your Facebook account with the game (if you haven’t already) unlocks an event called Agents Assemble. To participate in these challenges, click on the icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen and invite friends for a match. You can collect additional items after completing the challenges.

Text: Ravjit Singh

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