Of battle bots and cute cats

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By Karan R. Gaikwad
  • Published 4.12.17

GAME: Crash Arena Turbo Stars by Zepto Lab

GENRE: PvP action fighting game


CATS (Crash Arena Turbo Stars) is a new game with a unique concept from Zepto Lab, the creators of the hit game Cut The Rope. At first glance, it may seem like a game involving battle bots and cute cats, but there is ample amount of strategic depth and competition when you start playing.

In CATS, you are a street cat and master engineer of battle bots. It is a hilarious, Physics-based PvP [person versus person] action game, where your aim is to equip your bot with different weapons and parts so that you can win against other players. However, once in the ring, you do not have control over your vehicle. All that matters is the strength and type of your car parts as against that of the opponent's. Each match lasts less than 30 seconds as you play against vehicles of others in a game of wits and luck.

The primary gameplay mode is the Championship Mode, which is a leaderboard- based event where you progress in the ranks. As you rise up in the ranks you gain access to more parts for your bot. There is also a Quick Fight Mode where you get better rewards for matches won in a row. The latest update added Gangs, where you are part of a clan. You can now build up to three vehicles and fight as part of your gang to get rewards for all the members.

The charm of the game lies in the unique weapons that it offers. From standard weapons like rocket lasers, drillers and chainsaws to funny ones like cola bottles, sticky bombs and even levers. The Physics-based interactions of different combinations of weapons is funny, unpredictable, interesting as well as challenging.

There are plenty of interesting options to personalise your vehicle. Since most of these parts are random drops, there is little chance of you making a vehicle similar to that of others. You will also get stickers that you can use to customise your bot. There is even a cute feature where you get to choose the look of your mechanic cat.

The main currency thatone can use for this game is coins, which can be won by fighting battles. It is needed to upgrade your bot and parts. You get it as part of crates that you have to wait to unlock. You can also buy these crates using real money to increase your chances of getting more coins and better parts.

One of the main drawbacks of the game is the lack of control that you have once a match starts. This game would be an even better experience if you could take charge of the match once it has started. It can also get frustrating in the later stages of the Championship Mode if you do not get good parts. The game slows down in these parts and it is a struggle to rise up the ranks.

VERDICT: If you love cats, bots, strategy and Physics- based PvP gameplay, CATS will be a fun game for you. I'd give it a rating of 7 out of 10.