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By TT Bureau
  • Published 10.12.06

From the talent and temperament, skill and stamina on display at Sona Chandi The Great TTIS Challenge, the children from 123 schools sure have what it takes to make the world a better place for you and for me. For three bright days, Swabhumi was the stage for competition and camaraderie befitting the biggest school carnival in this part of the world

The true spirit of participation and the joy of winning marked the third and final day of Sona Chandi The Great TTIS Challenge at Swabhumi. There were many in the sea of uniforms who had been eliminated in the preliminary rounds; they were all there on Saturday, cheering and clapping. Here is what they saw and loved...

Fusion Dance

The blindfolded girls from St Joseph’s and Mary’s School impressed with their synchronised steps set to the title song of Taal. The cheerleaders of Don Bosco School Liluah were the loudest as their boys put up a power-packed performance of moonwalking, break dance and robot dance, but exceeded the time limit. Don Bosco Park Circus impressed with innovative choreography symbolic of the light and dark shades of life.

Participants: 18

Winners: Springdale High School Kalyani, South Point High School, Don Bosco Park Circus

Fashion Parade

Style was substance as the schools put their most creative foot forward. St James got a pat on the back from judge Snehasish Bhattachharya for the Don look. A girl from Shri Shikshayatan showed off a maroon mini with red and cream checks as a smart option to do away with the run-of-the-mill uniforms. Students of Springdale High School Kalyani showcased a stunning collection of garments and accessories made of jute designed by their teachers. Girls from Rajasthan Vidya Mandir with kohl-lined eyes turned out in style, wrapped in blankets and shawls, spears in hand, inspired by the land of the pyramids.

Participants: 17

Winners: Springdale High School Kalyani, North Point Day School, Methodist School.

Western Group Music

First-time visitor to the fest, Teresa Ali of Class XI, St Paul’s Mission School stole the spotlight despite not being on stage. She gave an impromptu performance of the Cranberries song Zombie and drew the loudest cheers.

The contest saw Don Bosco Park Circus and Salt Lake School belt out popular numbers like Blood Brothers and Hotel California. But vocalist Ishita Chakraborty of The Frank Anthony Public School, blew away competition with Tourniquet, an Evanescence number. St Augustine’s Day School’s (Ripon Street) head-banging with For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica) had the crowd rocking.

Participants: 12

Winners: Dolna Day School, The Frank Anthony Public School, St James School.

Watch out for the Champion of Champions in Monday’s Metro.


Tanmoy Bose (right) and Rupam Islam of Fossils, judges for Unconventional Orchestra
Bollywood tunes jazz up Antakshari
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan boys use brushes on vases to drum up a beat
A participant at the Cartoon Drawing competition
St Augustine’s Shyamnagar students perform Shashthyo A-sampad, a satire, in the Street Play competition
The team from St Augustine’s Day School, Ripon Street, spoof Gabbar Hunt for a new-age Sholay in the Laughter Challenge contest
A student of Mahadevi Birla
Girls High School hits a high note
in the Eastern Solo Vocal
Krosswindz rocks the inauguration with renditions of Prithibi and Hotel California
Sourabh Biswas of Salt Lake School looks quite the dude in the
3 Minutes to Fame contest


Street Play

1. Shri Shikshayatan
2. Saifee Hall
3. St Xavier’s Institution, Panihati

Tug of War


1. The Bhawanipur Gujarati
Education Society School
2. Don Bosco, Park Circus
3. Shree Jain Vidyalay


1. Calcutta Girls’ High School
2. Shri Shikshayatan
3. Mahadevi Birla Girls’

Cartoon Drawing

1. Priyanka Sarkar, Loreto Day School Sealdah
2. Anushka Laha, The Future Foundation School
3. Abhisek Roy, Kendriya Vidyalaya Ballygunge (Army)


1. Anirvan Daityari, AK Ghosh Memorial School
2. Rudraksh Bhattacharya, Methodist School
3. Shayantan Roy, St Augustine’s Day School, Ripon Street


1. St Joseph’s and Mary’s School
2. Lycee
3. St Joseph’s College

Unconventional Orchestra

1. St James School
2. Calcutta Boys’ School
3. Lycee
4. Methodist School

(Day I winners were listed in Young Metro on Saturday)