Today's Tips 03-07-2012

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 3.07.12

DO refrain from being bossy

DON’T be erratic

EXPECT your partner to act difficult



DO communicate intelligently

DON’T ignore minor health problems

EXPECT old allies to turn on you


DO avoid people who rub you the wrong way

DON’T get into any venture with strangers

EXPECT success in business



DO show your originality

DON’T upset the balance between work and leisure

EXPECT freedom from restrictions


DO acknowledge the support of those around you

DON’T be restrictive in personal relationships

EXPECT a financial deal to sail smooth



DO grab opportunities

DON’T hesitate to admit what you feel

EXPECT a busy day LIBRA

DO communicate your ideas with clarity

DON’T try to be too bold

EXPECT happiness


DO be confident in an uncertain period

DON’T be too restrictive in personal relationships

EXPECT a romantic involvement


DO stay away from people with a negative attitude

DON’T expect solutions through emotional outbursts

EXPECT an opportunity at work


DO mind what you say

DON’T disturb the balance in sensitive relationships

EXPECT progress at work


DO cheer up

DON’T be surprised if you impress all with your communication skills

EXPECT harmony and fun


DO pay attention to your dream

DON’T make half-hearted efforts

EXPECT divine help