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Surreal expressions

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  • Published 26.12.08
Surreal expressions
T he wings of surrealism not only reveal the ideas and passions of a creative mind, they also mould universal concepts according to the colours of the artist’s personal experiences. Personal Feelings, the ongoing solo exhibition of paintings by Rajesh Roy, displays such a creative passion. The artist conceives the rectangular area of canvas as the tabula rasa of mind and memory. Rhythmic dabs of crimson red, black and yellow ochre, along with their symbolic associations, produce an abstract interpolation of human emotions. Created with minimalist, simplistic technique, Roy’s works are dense and surrealistic without attempting to appear intimidating to the casual viewer. A particularly striking example of his art is that of a black semi-circular space blending into a fluid mass that drips down onto a red opaque sphere underneath, with a frozen white gulf connecting (or separating?) the two. Often deliberately ambiguous in meaning and expression, his abstract works are bewildering, even baffling at times. Yet, his sheer artistic power and courage to be different allow his works to leave an impression on the mind.

Event: An exhibition of art works by Rajesh Roy When: Till December 27; 11.30 am - 7.30 pm Where: Gallery Nakshatra, 2/1 Outram Street, 2nd floor


Till January 24 (except Sundays & holidays) at CIMA Gallery; 3 pm - 7 pm (Mondays) 2 pm - 7 pm (Tuesdays to Saturdays): Review, an exhibition of artworks that aspires to redefine our perception and understanding of art of the 20th century. Participating artists: Abir Karmakar, Alok Bal, Debraj Goswami, Farhad Hussain, Jogen Chowdhury, Kingshuk Sarkar, Mayank Kumar Shyam, Mithu Sen, Paresh Maity, Partha Pratim Deb, Rashmi Bagchi Sarkar, Samit Das, Santosh More, Sumitro Basak and Swarna Chitrakar. Till December 27 at Chemould Art Gallery, 12F Park Street; 2 pm - 7 pm: The fifth solo exhibition of paintings by Jayanta Ghosal. Till December 27 at G.C. Laha Centenary Fine Art Gallery, 7 Chittaranjan Avenue, 1st floor; 3 pm - 8 pm: Colorit — an exhibition of paintings by Joy Bhaduri. Till December 28 at Birla Academy of Art & Culture; 4 pm - 8 pm: Society of Contemporary Artists presents an exhibition of paintings, graphics and sculptures by renowned artists. Till December 31 at Idiyas Gallery, 15 Dover Road, #6550 8418; 11 am - 7 pm: The Pageant of Life, featuring works by 15 well-known artists. Till January 3 (except Mondays) at Birla Academy of Art & Culture; 3 pm - 8 pm: Rendezvous Hyderabad, an exhibition of the works by 21 artists from Hyderabad. Till January 6 (except Sundays & holidays) at Tejas Gallery; 1 pm - 7.30 pm: An exhibition of artworks by various artists from Calcutta, Santiniketan and Vietnam. The collection includes acrylics, charcoals, woodcuts and small sculptures. Till January 7 (except Sundays) at Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts, 94 Ballygunge Place, #2460 4245; 10 am - 7 pm: Trace of Time: The Art of Papermaking by Jenny Pinto. Till January 7 (except Sundays) at Artline, 125 Rashbehari Avenue, 1st floor; 12 noon - 7 pm: An exhibition of paintings by Suhas Roy, Subimalendu Bikas Sinha, Samir Roy, Sumon Roy, Tapos Sardar and Sabyasachi Guha. Till January 10 (except Mondays) at Anant Art Gallery, 18-A Alipore Road, 11am to 7pm: Beyond Convention: A Glimpse of Contemporary Trends in Bengal Art – an exhibition of paintings and sculptures curated by Mrinal Ghosh. Till January 15 at Aakriti Art Gallery, 12/3A Hungerford Street, #32998525, 22893027: Bengal 2009, an exhibition of art works by the city’s eminent artists. Till January 15 (except Sundays) at Ganges Art Gallery, 33A Jatin Das Road, #2465 3212; 11 am - 7 pm: sEe, an abstract solo show of Deepak Tandon in three versions: painting, photographs and video. Till January 17 (except Mondays) at Bose Pacia, Stephen’s Court, 18 Park Street, #40010148; 11 am - 7 pm: Recent works of Bari Kumar: Foreign Bodies. Till January 31 (weekdays only) at Masters Collection Art Gallery, G-7 Malalay Apartments, 3 Woodburn Park Road; 11 am - 7 pm: Small is Beautiful 3, an exhibition of miniature artworks by some of the greatest living legends along with some of the exciting new talents.


Till December 31: Aneek’s 11th Ganga Jamuna Natya Utsav, an international drama festival. Today at Rabindra Sadan, 6.30 pm: Pagla Ghoda (Dir: Amol Palekar) by Epic Acts Workshop, New Jersey; at Minerva Theatre, 6.30 pm: Ekattorer Kshudiram (Dir: Piyush Bandyopadhyay) by Samay Natyagosthi, Dhaka; at Sisir Mancha, 6.30 pm: Baba Aasben (Dir: Sekhar Samaddar) by Jadavpur University; at Purbashree, EZCC, 6 pm: Charu (Hindi; Dir: Parimal Dutta) by Hastakshar, Allahabad; and at Girish Mancha, 6.30 pm: Galpo Hekim Saheb (Dir: Manoj Mitra) by Sundaram. Till December 28 at Rammohun Mancha; 6 pm: Beadon Street Shuvam hosts the 8th Shuvam Natyamela. Today: Naak Kata Raja (Dir: Sudip Roy) by Dolls Theatre and Byanger Raja (Dir: Koushik Chattopadhyay) by Shantipur Sanskritik. Till December 30 at Bijon Theatre; 6.30 pm: Sohan’s 6th Natyamela. Today: Swapna Sandhane (Dir: Dilip Bairagya) by Bokaro Natyacharcha, Jharkhand; and Lok Adalate Chidem Bauri (Dir: Aparna Das) by Theatre Abhijan, Suri. December 26 at Madhusudan Mancha; 6.30 pm: The concluding day of Sudrak’s drama festival features Purbo Nirdharito.


December 26 at Academy of Fine Arts; 6.30 pm: Rang Roop presents Byaram Biram. Storyline: Bhagirath Misra. Direction: Seema Mukhopadhyay. December 26 at Padatik’s Buildwell Theatre; 7 pm: Padatik will stage its latest production, Lahron Ke Rajhans (Hindi). Direction: Shyamanand Jalan.


December 26 at Sri Aurobindo Institute, 3 Regent Park; 4.30 pm: Inauguration of Aspiration 2009, to be followed by Odissi dance (at 5 pm) by Aloka Kanungo and vocal recital (6.30 pm) by Manasi Majumdar. December 26 at University Institute Hall; 5.30 pm: Classic presents an evening of classical music and dance featuring Rini Mukherjee (bhajan), Saswati Bagchi (vocal), Sreetama Mukherjee (Kathak) and Ustad Ali Ahmed Hussain (shehnai). December 28 at Satyajit Ray Auditorium, Rabindranath Tagore Centre, ICCR, 9A Harrington Street; 6 pm: My Rabindranath — Sasha A.K. Ghoshal, disciple of Pramita Mallick, shares the story of his initiation into the world of Tagore through songs and stories. To be followed by Invitation to this World’s Festival, a composite programme of music and dance by Pramita Mallick and her pupils. Narration: Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee.


December 26 at Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Vivekananda Hall; 6.15 pm: Swami Ritananda will speak in Bengali on Swamijir Patravali. December 26 at Ramakrishna Vedanta Math, 19B Raja Rajkrishna Street; 7 pm: Dr Sasanka Bhusan Bandyopadhyay will speak on Chandogya Upanishad.


Till December 26 at Gallery K2, Supra Court, 35 Lansdowne Terrace, #2465 1444; 11 am - 7 pm: An exhibition of photographs taken by Thorpa Chotron, Suman Dutta, Amit Datta, Arup Dutta, Indranil Ghosh, Suman Mitra, Ritendra Roy, Sridhar Shankar and Shankar S. Till January 15 at Earthcare Books and Resource Centre, 10 Middleton Street; 11 am - 7 pm: Calcutta! — an exhibition of black-and-white photographs taken by Thomas Patrick Kiernan.


Till December 28 at Aban Mahal; 6.30 pm: Children’s Little Theatre’s Annual Festival. Today: Nakal Garh, Pon Rakhya, Rhymes Seeter Dholak, Tak Duma Dum, Badam Gachher and Hei Mora, and Nalak.


Till December 31 at Central Cottage Industries Corporation of India Ltd, 7 Jawaharlal Nehru Road: Cottage showcases various handmade art object items made of brass, marble, bronze, silver, copper, wood, cloth, wall hangings, paintings from Jaipur and Orissa, wooden figurines from Tamil Nadu, Mysore and Kerala, and ethnic dokra items from West Bengal. Till January 1 at Artisana, 13 Chowringhee Terrace, #22239422; 11 am - 7 pm: Crafts Council of West Bengal host its Christmas collection. Till January 7 (except Sundays) at Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts, 94 Ballygunge Place, #2460 4245; 10 am - 7 pm: An exhibition of ceramic works by Indian and Japanese artists.


December 26 at Park Street Cemetery; 9.30 am: Derozio Smaran Samiti, in association with the state government’s department of information & cultural affairs, Calcutta Municipal Corporation and Christian Burial Board, observes the 177th death anniversary of Henry Louis Vivian Derozio.


December 27 at Sarat Sadan; 3 pm: Quiz Lovers of Howrah, in association with Dishari, organises an open-to-all quiz as part of the 6th Howrah Gaan Mela. For details, contact Snigdha (9830707874), or quizloversofhowrah@rediffmail.com or snigdho.bhaduri@rediffmail.com


December 27 - 30 at 25A Circus Avenue: Theatrecian will conduct a workshop on script writing for animation and feature films, creative writing, film making, acting on stage and in front of camera, portfolio creation and drama designing. To be supervised by Tathagata Chowdhury. Details at #09769068989, 0980241007 or email: tathagata@blackbrewmotionpictures.com


December 27 & 28 at Sree Thyagaraja Hall, P-530 Raja Basanta Roy Road: Saastha Samooham (Regd) Calcutta hosts Sastha Preethi Celebrations.All those who wish events to be included in this column should write not less than a week ahead to: Time out, The Telegraph,6, Prafulla Sarkar Street, Calcutta-700 001; Fax: 2234-8244

All those who wish events to be included in this column should write not less than a week ahead to:

Time out, The Telegraph, 6, Prafulla Sarkar Street, Calcutta-700 001;
Fax: 2234-8244