Sweet surrender, south and west - NEWER HORIZONS FOR RASOGOLLA

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By Staff Reporter
  • Published 14.04.05

Almost 30 years after being exported out of Bengal, the family associated with the most famous sweet of this state is all set to pay a unique tribute to Sarada Charan Das, the grandson of Nabin Chandra Das, the man who invented the rasogolla.

The family is looking for a permanent home down South, in Karnataka. And, if things work out, even in Maharashtra.

Buoyed by the success of the sweet in Bangalore, the famous brand KC Das is looking for land on the outskirts of the city to set up a full-fledged factory-cum-laboratory to experiment with its creations.

A primary survey of land for this project has already been carried out by a team led by Birendra Nath Das, one of the sons of Sarada Charan Das. Negotiations are on to make a final decision.

Incidentally, it was Sarada Charan Das who first took the rasogolla beyond Bengal by setting up shop in Bangalore way back in 1972.

?The craze for our products in Bangalore has shattered the myth that beyond Bengal there are not many takers for our kind of sweets. The response over the years has been so good that we are now planning to open the factory-cum-laboratory there,? explains Manjulika Das, daughter of Sarada Charan Das, who is behind all KC Das expansion plans.

Besides a lab, where researchers work round the year, the Dases have several outlets in Bangalore where they sell almost all their products, including sandesh and doi, besides the famed rasogolla.

The entire set-up is in the central business district of the city, off Saint Mark Street, and the Dases now feel the space is not enough for their expansion plans. Once the factory and the lab are set up, the Dases would not only cater to Bangalore but even to its adjoining areas, where residents seem to have developed a taste for Bengali sweets.

But it?s not just Bangalore. KC Das is also toying with the idea of setting up another plant-cum-research centre in Pune to tap the Maharashtra market. Since one of the primary prerequisites for setting up such a unit is a full-fledged dairy that can cater to the huge daily demand for milk, the Dases are looking around for such a dairy.

?Our products are based on pure cottage cheese, so supply of milk remains very crucial for setting up a plant in Pune,? said an insider.