Suhrid somersault on CBI truth test

Glare on aides

  • Published 5.07.07

New Delhi, July 5: Suhrid Dutta today said he did not know who Tapasi Malik was and refused to undergo a second polygraph test, a move the CBI could use against him.

Na” was his terse reply when additional chief metropolitan magistrate Kamini Lau asked for his consent to the lie-detector test.

The CPM’s Singur zonal committee secretary denied knowing Tapasi, the 18-year-old land-acquisition protester whose murder he is accused of having plotted.

“I did not know Tapasi. I do not know anything. I have been trapped,” Suhrid said, while walking out of the court.

In the court, he was asked why he had agreed to the first polygraph test. “I signed wherever the CBI asked me to,” he said

CBI sources said Suhrid’s stand could land him “in deep trouble” and his refusal might be used against him during trial.

CBI officials clarified that the lie-detector test is just a scientific aid for interrogation, and the CBI might or might not produce its results as evidence in court.

Co-accused Debu Malik has named Suhrid as a conspirator in Tapasi’s murder in his confessional statement recorded before a magistrate.

CBI sources said Suhrid’s interrogation would continue and he would be brought face to face with Debu tomorrow. The CBI has Debu’s custody till Saturday.

Glare on aides

The CBI today found “discrepancies” in the statements of two CPM workers, known to be aides of Suhrid, who were among those questioned today in Singur for over seven hours.

However, the agency did not disclose what the discrepancies were.

Apurba Banerjee, the chairman of the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation, Singur police station office-in-charge Priyabrata Bakshi and five others were called to the CBI’s Salt Lake office today.

The agency was satisfied with Banerjee and Bakshi’s replies, but said the rest might be questioned again.