Salt Lake on national playschool chain map

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 25.01.13

The Shemrock chain has opened its first play-school in Salt Lake called Shemrock Dumplings. Shemrock is among the oldest pre-school chains in the country.

To mark the opening of the CF Block playschool, a kids carnival was organised in December, where children aged upto eight years were invited to participate in fun activities like art and craft competition, family photo session, nail art and tattooing, magic and jugglery show.

“We have a teaching approach formulated on the basis of the psychology of the child. So a kid who comes here first spends time at our welcome home where he can play with various toys so that gradually he loves to stay in school,” said Vivek Bhagat, director of the institute. How long a kid will stay in a welcome home would depend upon his adaptability. “Sometimes it takes months for a kid to adapt to his new surroundings. Unless and until he is well-settled here he cannot move on to the next step of activities,” said Bhagat.

The welcome home has a doll house. it also has an LCD screen where nursery rhymes are played all the time so that the child gets familiar with the tunes. The room has blocks of different shapes so that the child learns about squares, rectangles and triangles.

The next level is Activity Area furnished with a wooden stage, a mobile phone, an ATM counter, an ice-cream trolley, a scribbling corner and a sandpit. “The wooden stage has been kept so that children can conquer stage fright. We have an ATM counter so that children learn that A stands for ATM counter, B stands for Blackberry and so on. We have adopted an old method of making a child learn alphabets through objects. A sand pit is there for him to practise writing the alphabets on. It will be fun as children can play with the sand too,” said Bhagat. For hyperactive kids, there is the ice-cream trolley to push around.

Then there is a celebration wall where every Wednesday the children would either celebrate a classmate’s birthday or any festival so that children know about the various festivals of India. There is also an alphabet wall and a numbers wall. “These walls are painted in bright colours so that children get attracted to them and learn things quickly,” explained Bhagat.

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