Party feud bullet hits passing boy

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  • Published 27.08.12

Midnapore, Aug. 26: A 16-year-old boy was hit by a bullet in the back today when he was caught in a clash between two rival groups of the Trinamul Congress in West Midnapore’s Keshpur.

Police said Abdul Hanif, a Class X student of Sankhpur High School and a resident of Damodar Chak village, was returning home from his tuition classes when the bullet hit him in the back.

“The boy was returning home from private tuitions around 8.30am when he was caught in the crossfire. He tried to run away but was hit,” an officer said.

Abdul, whose father is a farmer, was taken to Midnapore Medical College and Hospital by villagers and doctors there said the bullet had pierced the lower portion of his back and was lodged in his stomach.

“We carried out scans and found that the bullet is lodged in his stomach. We have not yet extracted it. We are yet to decide whether to operate him here or send him to a medical college in Calcutta. However, the boy’s condition is stable,” a doctor said.

Till late in the evening, Abdul was still in the Midnapore hospital.

District Trinamul secretary Dinen Roy was evasive when asked about the boy being hit in the clash by his party workers.“We have asked the police to arrest the culprits as early as possible,” Roy said.

The police officer said the Trinamul unit in Keshpur was riven with infighting, adding that followers of party block president Ashish Pramanik and his predecessor Chitta Gorai often fought among themselves.

On August 9, two persons were hit by bullets in a day-long clash that the police said was the fallout of a rivalry between two Trinamul factions in Keshpur.

The West Midnapore Trinamul leadership had on July 11 warned workers against organising any rally or procession before the July 21 martyr’s day of the party fearing that could give rise to a clash.