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Beer blast Mocktail mix

  • Published 4.06.06

What: The band Span in performance with singer Sandeep Vyas.

Where: Someplace Else (SPE) at The Park.

When: Thursday evening, 9 pm onwards.

The bash: Singer Sandeep Vyas joined Thursday night SPE regular Span for a few songs. While Sandeep crooned Roadhouse blues, Rock ’’ roll and The only thing that looks good on me is you, Span performed some originals and cover versions.

Modern and classic rock, Pink Floyd, Coldplay and Bob Marley were the sounds heard that night.

Voiceover: “Sandeep is someone who is known well to our band and hence our jamming is always super. The results were there for everyone to hear,” smiled Neel Adhikari, lead singer of Span.

Beer blast

What: Black Out In The City.

Where: Tantra at The Park.

When: Friday evening.

The bash: Celebrating the launch of Haywards Black, the country’s first stout beer from SABMiller India Ltd, the night was rocking from the word go.

Beginning with evergreen Bollywood numbers, some pop and hip-hop, guest DJ Akbar Sami moved on to slow romantic songs.

His own remixes like Jalwa, Jadoo and newer hits like 36 China Town and Garam Masala set the fast pace.

Voiceover: “It is always a pleasure to play in Calcutta,” smiled DJ Akbar Sami.

Mocktail mix

What: Mystic Mocktails, from The Stadel Poorna Annapurna workshop series.

Where: The hotel housed inside Salt Lake stadium.

When: Saturday, 11 am onwards.

Take a look: Tired of serving the oh-so-common cold drinks, shakes and beverages at parties. Wanna be an innovative host? Well then you should have showed up at Mystic Mocktails, a mocktail mixing and presentation workshop presided over by bar veteran Irfan Ahmed.

Saturday morning saw young ladies and the not-so-young lapping up the wonders one could create at the mocktail counter, keenly noting down the tricks of trade demonstrated by Irfan.

The bar guru concentrated on light-bodied drinks. “A heavy mocktail with dollops of ice-cream and cream does not keep those extra calories at bay. A mocktail should be healthy and at the same time refreshing. Something that does not make you feel heavy but can be easily enjoyed with your meal too,” pointed out Irfan the mixologist.

The interactive session found participants volunteering to help their mocktail tutor whip up Cosmopolitan (cranberry juice, pineapple juice and lemon juice shaken, poured in a Pilsner glass with ice and topped with Seven Up, garnished with mint leaves and twirled sweet lime peel), Mango and Apple Rain (blend of mango juice, apple chunks, Grenadine syrup, lemon juice served in a sugar-frosted Cocktail glass and garnished with sliced mango and mint leaves).

Add a whole new dimension to coconut water with Thanda Daab Sherbet (blend of tender coconut water, litchi crush/juice, lemon juice, mint leaves and crushed ice, garnished with a fresh coconut slice, served in a Pilsner glass or coconut shell) and more.

Irfan also stressed the importance of choosing the right kind of glass.

“There is no strict norm that you follow while choosing the glass for a drink. What is important is that the guest is comfortable handling it and can savour each sip,” he explained.

Voiceover: “Such workshops add value to the skills of a homemaker. You don’t have to cash out a lot, the ingredients are easily available and the effort needed to make the drinks is minimum. What more can you ask for?” smiled Irfan.