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By On Bhai Phota, sisters of Salt Lake take a fantasy pick
  • Published 8.11.13

Tushnee Chakraborty, 12 years, BL Block: Harry Potter. With the swish of a wand he could fulfil all my wishes. Since Lord Voldemort is now dead and author J.K. Rowling too has stopped writing Potter books, Harry must have lots of time in hand and will be able to fly me around on his broom. I’ll ask him to take me to the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa and there I would give him the bhai phota.

Srishti Seal, 17 years, AD Block: Bill Gates. Because he would give me the best gifts ever, like an all-expense-paid world tour. And since he has everything that he can ever ask for, I would not have to give him any gift in return. At most, I’d bake him a cake as I like baking. It would be a win-win situation.

Shraddha Ray, 18 years, AK Block: Terence Lewis. I am an aspiring dancer and so it would be great to have a choreographer as my brother. I have attended a workshop conducted by Terence before and found him to be a nice person. Hopefully he would give me a break in the industry too. I would ask him to choreograph Kailash Kher’s song Saiyaan for me after applying phota. I danced to this song at our block’s puja function but want to see how Terence treats it.

Shreya Chakraborty, 20 years, HB Block: Krrish Only a superhero can save Calcutta from the scum of molesters and rapists. Someone like Krrish, the superhero played by Hrithik Roshan (picture right of Krrish 3), would fly to my rescue if ever I faced a lout. The city would once again become a safe place for women.

Debasmita Dutta, 23 years, CA Block: Sachin Tendulkar. I have got tickets to go watch him play his last Test at Eden Gardens on Saturday and the best bhai phota gift he could give me would be a century. A shot of his choice dedicated to his little sister wouldn’t hurt either. And if I can push my luck, I’ll ask him never to retire from the game.

Tuli Basu Chakraborty, 39 years, BL Block: Police commissioner Surajit Kar Purkayastha. Because you cannot get any work done in this city without flaunting your connections with someone influential. When my neighbour’s chain got snatched the cops didn’t lodge an FIR, asking her instead why she wore ornaments when snatchings were rampant. Traffic policemen fleeced Rs 500 from me “for the festive season”. I’m sure we would get VIP treatment if my brother was the commissioner.

Namita Dalmia, 40 years, AJ Block: Ravana. The king of Lanka stood up for his sister Surpanakha and fought for her honour even at the cost of his kingdom and life. This is the kind of unconditional support one needs. Even Rama, who is said to be the ideal man, abandons his wife towards the end of The Ramayana. But if Sita had a strong brother he would not have let that happen. Thousands of years after The Ramayana was written, women are still neglected and every girl still deserves a brother like Ravana.

Sweta Verma, 30 years, CL Block: Sachin Tendulkar. I adore Sachin even when the rest of my family supports Dhoni. He comes across as a sweet and humble person. I think he would make a good brother. Too bad I haven’t managed to get tickets to his 199th Test match in Calcutta. But if he really was my brother, perhaps I would coax Sachin to not retire at all this year.

Krishna Ganguly, 60 years, BF Block: Ajoy Chakraborty. I sing Nazrulgeeti myself and would ask my brother to sing for me all day, beginning with Suro banir mala diye. I’ve heard that Chakraborty likes eating fish so I’d cook him Chingri Malai Curry when he comes to get his bhai phonta.

Dhira Sur, 67 years, BJ Block: Ajoy Chakraborty. I love music. If I had a brother with such a mellifluous voice I would request him to sing for me all day. I would be honoured if he taught me too. Chakraborty is a dignified person and I respect him immensely. He would make an ideal brother.


Anindita Sarbadhicari
Filmmaker, JC Block

My pick is Feluda. He is flawless. When I was young I used to be so envious of Topshe. He could get to be part of so many adventures. The action sequences in Sonar Kella, the dark alleys of Varanasi... Such a thrilling life he had by having such a cousin. If Feluda had been my brother I could have made a much smarter sidekick than Topshe who sometimes comes across as a bit of a simpleton. Would he have taken me along? I think yes. I have always been a tomboy, I can do rock-climbing and even had a 9mm gun when I was staying in Germany.



Sreeradha bandyopadhyay
Singer, CE Block

My choice would be the character of the elder brother in the film Dui Bhai, played by Uttam Kumar (picture right). He has a tough exterior but under the shell he is tender. He is tremendously affectionate towards his younger brother Biswajit and trusts him blindly. Such a brother would understand what I want and what I am going through with one look at my face.



Dolly Basu
Actress, CF Block

What if I had Kabuliwala as my brother? Rabindranath Tagore’s Rahmat has haunted me since childhood. What a soul! Seeing Chhabi Biswas bring the character alive in Tapan Sinha’s film bolstered my admiration. Rahman got such a raw deal from life. So many men like him have to leave their near and dear ones behind in search of bread and butter. Wish I could give phota to him, say “Don’t worry” and give him a warm hug. He has so much love for his daughter and for little Mini that he would surely love and protect a sister as much.


Nisha Mohota
Woman Grand Master, FC Block

I would love to give bhai phota to Sherlock Holmes. The way he observes and describes things and people is unbelievable and reflects his tremendous IQ. He assesses a situation, plans out things in his mind and tries to preempt the opponent’s moves just as we chess players do. He plays chess too. It would be great to have such a brother helping me with tournament preparations. (Picture right of Benedict Cumberbatch as the super sleuth in the new TV series)