Jai Balaji ban on union boss

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  • Published 20.12.12

Durgapur, Dec. 19: Jai Balaji Industries today served a notice on the Trinamul trade union leader accused of assaulting a general manager, directing him not to enter the Durgapur factory without permission.

“We have been clearly told by INTTUC district president Prabhat Chatterjee that Ashim Pramanik’s membership is neither approved by the union nor its unit at our factory. So we have sent Pramanik a notice that he will be treated as a trespasser if he tries to enter the factory premises henceforth without permission. If he does so, we will lodge a police complaint,” said Niranjan Gourisaria, the senior vice-president of the factory.

On Saturday, Pramanik and his accomplices had allegedly beaten up general manager Arun Thatoi.

Gourisaria asked factory workers associated with the Pramanik-led faction of Jai Balaji Permanent Workers’ Association and the Jai Balaji Industries Thikadar Workers’ Union, also headed by him, to severe ties with the leader.

“We will not allow any worker of our plant to be associated with an unaffiliated union. If they have any relation with Pramanik’s union, they too will not be allowed to enter the factory,” Gourisaria said.

Pramanik, who is absconding since an FIR was lodged against him, said from an undisclosed location: “The factory management is trying to corner me by taking advantage of the circumstances. Prabhat Chatterjee is backing them as I belong to a rival faction. I did not beat up the general manager. Chatterjee and his associates collect money from factory owners to suppress workers’ grievances.”