In search of a hero

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 23.05.10

What does today’s hero look like? Inspired by Tagore’s Birpurush, Swapnasandhani poses this question in their new play, titled after the famous poem.

Directed by Kaushik Sen, Birpurush will open on May 29 (3pm and 6.30pm) at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Trapped in a ditch in a forest, a wounded soldier and an injured Maoist both claim to be the Birpurush destined to rid the world of “enemies”. But incapable as they are of rescuing themselves and deserted by their mates, they begin questioning their vision of heroism.

Then there is a boy searching for herbs in the jungles. With the herbs the boy has the power to give life. Is he then the Birpurush?

Part play, part agitprop and many more things, Sumitro Bandyopadhyay’s script sometimes leaves the audience a little out of breath. But when the hurly-burly subsides it is the tiny family of the boy (played by Sen’s son Riddhi) that has a lasting impression.

Sebanti Sarkar