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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 15.10.06

What: Veggie Is The Way To Be.

Where: Malgudi Junction on Camac Street.

When: Till October 31.

Take a look: The month-long celebration marks the “month of vegetarianism”. The festival throws light on vegetarian diet myths, famous vegetarians and more. Each table at the eatery has tent cards featuring Amitabh Bachchan pronouncing: “I am a vegetarian by choice and out of purely personal inclination.”

On Friday, the restaurant played host to an interactive session with Nina Singh, senior dietician at B.P. Poddar Hospital and Medical Research Ltd. “Vegetarian food keeps you fit, is light and easy to digest… the anti-oxidants in fruits and vegetables help combat ill effects of free radicals in our body due to strain and stress,” pointed out Nina. “Vegetarianism helps control cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.”

Talking about awareness initiatives, she said: “Women need to be aware since they take care of the family and children. Schools can also educate pupils on this. TV is another medium.”

A few tips: activity is vital, remember to burn calories and prepare food skilfully.