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Young Metro

  • Published 7.10.17

A three-day workshop and seminar on the importance of implementing STEM education was organised by STEM World School recently. “This workshop lets the teachers learn from experience and through collaborative work,” said Lisa Stueve, STEM outreach specialist at Georgia Southern University. The workshop included various project-based challenges. “These teachers are very open to the idea of STEM,” said Nathan Williams, educator and STEM advocate. “We have a 45-minute class allotted for STEM once every week. We have a STEM lab as well,” said principal Shauli Mukherjee.

Schoolchildren aged three to six had fun crawling under tables and enjoying different sensorial experiences at an inclusive workshop hosted by ThinkArts at Doodle Room on Garcha Road. As the participants entered the activity zone, dim lights and calm greeted them. “It’s important to keep your voices low here. Enjoy the silence and the surprises that every table has to offer,” said Ruchira Das, the founder of ThinkArts and the brain behind the workshop. The children were taken on a tour under seven tables, each offering something different. One could crawl through a foam tunnel and then right into the sea with a recorder offering sounds of waves, smell mango and ashok leaves under yet another table or play with pom-pom or ice cream sticks at another. A magical table was the last destination, where they got to a Van Gogh painting and enjoyed classical music.

South Point Education Society recently received the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification from the British Standards Institute (BSI). The Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001:2007) is an international standard and it stipulates processes to identify, control and decrease risks associated with health and safety in the organisation concerned. The certification ensures that a rigorous health and safety policy is in place in the organisation and that it protects all stakeholders, including teachers and staff, parents, visitors and, most importantly, students, against possible occupational risks and accidents. Krishna Damani, trustee South Point Education Society, said: “We are responsible for the care of thousands of children, their safety for the major part of the day is entrusted with us.” 

A one-day workshop on gender sensitivity was conducted by CBSE Centre of Excellence, Kolkata, at Army Public School in Barrackpore recently. Around 27 teachers from CBSE schools attended the workshop.

Text by Chandreyee Ghose, Samabrita Sen and Chandrajit Mitra
Pictures by Rashbehari Das, Arnab Mondal and Chanchal Ghosh