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Doubts over suicide claim - Top cops' role under cloud

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By Staff Reporter
  • Published 24.09.07

Even as the city police chief Prasun Mukherjee has claimed that Rizwanur Rahman had committed suicide, the mystery surrounding the death of the 30-year-old computer graphics teacher has deepened. The manner in which police have handled the case has also raised a number of questions.

“He was preparing to fight his in-laws and senior police officers. I saw him sitting in front of his computer for two nights and preparing his complaint, mentioning the injustice meted out to him. How can we believe that he committed suicide?” asked Rizwanur’s sister-in-law Zahida Rahman.

Rizwanur married Priyanka — daughter of Ashok Todi, owner of the Rs 200-crore-plus Lux Hosiery Industries — on August 18. He was found dead by the railway tracks between Dum Dum and Bidhannagar stations on September 21.

Police chief Mukherjee, even before getting the post-mortem report, was, however, sure that it was a “transparent” case of suicide.

The fact that he hurriedly convened a press conference to announce it was a suicide has also come as a surprise to the Rahman family.

Sujato Bhadra, the general secretary of the Association for Protection of Democratic Rights (APDR), echoed the question raised by Zahida. Rizwanur had contacted APDR, seeking the NGO’s assistance to fight the Todi family and the senior police officers, who were pressuring him to send his wife to her parents.

According to Bhadra, Rizwanur had contacted Bhadra just half an hour before his body was spotted lying beside the railway tracks on Friday morning.

“It was around 10.10am that Rizwanur told me he would come to me with more evidence of his harassment. We were supposed to meet in front of the Lalbazar police headquarters around 2.30 pm. But at 2.40pm, I learnt he was dead,” recalled Bhadra, who has preserved his call records and promised all legal assistance to Rizwanur’s family.

Rizwanur was supposed to contact Bhadra to inform him about the other evidence that he had gathered.

“It is strange that someone so determined to fight would commit suicide,” said Bhadra.

Under pressure from the cops, Rizwanur had sent Priyanka to her parents on September 8 to spend a week with them. Anil Saraogi, Priyanka’s uncle, had given in writing — in the presence of detective department chief Ajoy Kumar — that she would return to Rizwanur by September 15.

“Everything was formalised in front of the cops. Then why didn’t they enforce the agreement?” asked Rukbanur Rahman, Rizwanur’s brother.

But according to the police, Rizwanur never informed them that Priyanka did not return to his Tiljala home. APDR and Rizwanur’s family have, however, contested the veracity of this claim.

“They were not fair to my friend when he was alive. Now, when there is a complaint against Ashok Todi, even then the police are not taking any action. Why should we trust them?” wondered Swapnil Dutta, Rizwanur’s friend.

“If he wanted to commit suicide, why would he take the trouble of going all the way to Bidhannagar?” he asked.