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Bullets fired in Salt Lake clash

Rival syndicates clash over the control of supply of construction materials

By A Staff Reporter in Calcutta
  • Published 11.03.19, 3:57 AM
  • Updated 11.03.19, 3:57 AM
  • a min read
Mahishbathan Milita Sangha, the club that was vandalised during the clash on Saturday night. Picture by Sanat Kr Sinha

At least nine bullets were allegedly fired during a fight between two groups, both said to be backed by the Trinamul Congress, in front of a club in Salt Lake’s Mahisbathan, near Sector V, on Saturday night.

Police sources and residents said the clash broke out over the control of supply of construction materials such as stone chips, bricks and sand.

“A group of men loyal to Jaydev Naskar, a Trinamul councillor of the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation, and members of Mahishbathan Milita Sangha fought with guns, bricks and iron rods. The club owes allegiance to Bidhannagar mayor Sabyasachi Dutta,” a police source said.

“The Naskar loyalists later entered the club and broke a television set and vandalised chairs, fans and trophies. At least nine bullets were fired during the fight.”

Naskar said he was not linked to the incident “in any way”. Mayor Dutta said: “I have come to know that some outsiders attacked the club. The members have lodged a complaint and police will investigate.”

Four men have been injured in the clash.

Mahishbathan, located in the backyard of Sector V, is witnessing a realty boom. A number of syndicates involved in the supply of construction materials are active in the area.

Mahishbathan Milita Sangha, sources said, controls a huge chunk of the business of supplying construction materials.

Clashes between rival syndicates are common in the area, residents said.

Santosh Pradhan, 38, who lives close to the club, said he had just finished dinner around 11.30pm when he heard the sound of gunshots.

“I saw several men shouting and throwing bricks at the club’s windows. Some of them were firing in the air. I immediately went inside and bolted the door before asking my family members to stay away from windows,” Pradhan recounted.

Munmun Biswas, whose husband Rajni runs a furniture shop in the area, said she rushed out after hearing the sound of firing. “A group hit my husband and ransacked his shop,” she said.

An officer of the Bidhannagar commissionerate said an investigation was under way.