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Brothers Khan fight rape charge Party regulars recount 'rowdies'

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  • Published 21.02.12

Six Khan brothers in the five-storey building at 5 North Range, off New Park Street, are reeling under the blow of two of their siblings being accused of raping a 37-year-old woman on the night of February 5.

Naser Khan, brother number six, is behind bars at Lalbazar while Kadir, brother number seven, is absconding. Kadir is accused of raping the woman in a moving car, and Naser has been charged as one of the five accomplices in the case of impersonation and gang rape filed by police.

Eldest brother Akbar told Metro on Monday that both his brothers were “innocent” and had nothing to do with befriending the victim at Tantra using false names and then assaulting and raping her.

“Both my brothers used to visit Tantra sometimes for which I often reprimanded them. But they could never have committed such a heinous crime,” he said at the Khan residence between the Mullickbazar and Park Circus seven-point crossings.

Akbar had taken brother Naser to Lalbazar on February 18. “When I saw that their names were being flashed on TV, I had a talk with them. Both told me they were innocent and were being framed. I at once took Naser to Lalbazar because I wanted him to tell the cops the truth, But he was arrested there.”

Salim, elder to both Naser and Kadir, said they were innocent and hoped that the truth would soon come out.

When told that Tollywood actress Nusrat Jahan had said Kadir and she were not set to tie the knot as they had “split” a few months ago, both the brothers expressed surprise.

“My brother told us that he liked her so we accepted her. Everyone in the family was excited about their marriage. Very soon we were going to announce their wedding date,” said Salim.

If Akbar Khan said Naser and Kadir would “sometimes” visit nightclubs, it would qualify as the understatement of the year, insisted regulars in the party circuit.

“I knew of them even before this incident. They were regulars at nightclubs and would move around in groups. I have often seen Ruman Khan and Sumit Bajaj (two of the youths arrested with Naser) with them. Many clubs have the no-stag rule, but no one dared stop them,” said a DJ.

Another DJ added: “Everyone knew about them at the nightclubs. They were termed ‘the kings of brawl’. They would get into fights, be thrown out but would soon be back thanks to their contacts and muscle power.”

A young girl who parties at Tantra with her friends told Metro: “My friends and I know them by face but would never talk to them. We referred to them as the rowdy gang. We have been wondering how this woman could have possibly befriended them and agreed to go with them. We would never have made that mistake.”

A nightclub manager recounts having thrown out the gang two years ago. “They were the kind who would always pick up a fight. But they were well known in the party circuit. I have even seen Kadir and gang at some of the IPL parties in Calcutta,” he said.

Ruman Khan, Sumit Bajaj and Naser spent Monday in the Lalbazar lock-up even as the police tried to track down the three other accused — Kadir, Johnny and Ali.

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