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Arsalan Parwez in police net

Arsalan’s Jaguar F-PACE had allegedly jumped a red light and hit a Mercedes at the intersection of Theatre Road– Loudon Street

By Monalisa Chaudhuri in Calcutta
  • Published 18.08.19, 3:32 AM
  • Updated 18.08.19, 3:32 AM
  • 2 mins read
Arsalan Parwez (Sourced by Correspondent)

Arsalan Parwez, 21, went to the office of the deputy commissioner (south) to “surrender” on Saturday once the family realised the scale of the incident that his Jaguar had triggered, his uncle told Metro.

Arsalan’s Jaguar F-PACE had allegedly jumped a red light and hit a Mercedes at the intersection of Theatre Road– Loudon Street early on Saturday. Under the impact of the collision, the Mercedes veered off its route and hit two pedestrians standing near a traffic police kiosk, killing them on the spot.

“Arsalan did not know that people had died. He had come home and told us about the collision with another vehicle. His father called me up after 2am and I went to the spot and found that two people had died,” said Arsalan’s uncle Z.A, Khan, who lives at Dharmatala Street.

From the accident spot, Khan went to his brother’s Park Circus home. He said they went to the police around noon.

The police denied the family’s version and said he was picked up from his home.

“Arsalan started crying before the officers, not because he was getting arrested but because two people had died because of him. He said that he tried his best to press the brake but failed to avert the accident,” Khan said.

“Had he had any other intention, he could have fled and we could have also ensured that he doesn’t get caught. But it was a mistake and he has realised that. Despite his young age, he showed extreme maturity,” Khan added.

Arsalan, whose elder brother is studying in Australia and mother is abroad, is the second child of his parents. After completion of an MBA course from Edinburgh, the family said, Arsalan had started handling the family business of running the biryani outlet named after him.

An officer who has examined him said Arsalan broke down multiple times while facing questions related to the incident.

“He sounded confused and has changed his statement several times. He said he had tried to press the brake but could not control the speed,” the officer said.

He has been booked under IPC sections including attempt at culpable homicide not amounting to murder, and rash and negligent driving. The charges if proved in court, could lead to a maximum punishment of 10 years of imprisonment.

According to his uncle, Arsalan leads a disciplined life. “He has no vices and always treats the staff well. After his return from Edinburgh, he told us (Arsalan’s father and uncle) that he wanted us to take rest and he was ready to take care of the family business. We were so happy.”