A mouth-watering send-off for mango

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 26.07.13

It was end of the season sale for the king of fruits at Avani Riverside mall food court. Mango was given a warm sendoff from July 18-21 with a mango festival that had a range of mango-based dishes being served from a special counter. From sweets to savouries, everything had mango in some form or the other.

Star chef and restaurateur Pradip Rozario, who visited the festival on July 21 tossed up a new recipe with chicken and mango. “I thought of this new fusion recipe. It is basically chicken tossed with sautéd vegetables and cubes of ripe mango, simmered with guava juice and flambéd,” said the chef.

Through the festival days, guests picked their choice from langra, dashari and other varieties of mangoes, or had a taste of the different mango-flavoured food items being cooked fresh at the counter. “We planned this festival with the idea of serving a variety of mango-based items and products to our guests at the end of the mango season,” said Dhruv Dutta, manager-hospitality at Avani Riverside mall. To taste the spread were five finalists of Miss Bengal 2013 contest.

Mango vegetable roll, mango cutlet and mango paratha were being served hot from Zaikaa Pav’s live counter. For those with a sweet tooth was a large spread from Natun Bazar’s Nalin Chandra Das. Mango 2-in-1, mango jelly sandesh, mango abar khabo, mango gulab patti, kancha-paka mango sandesh and more. Chaat Chator had mango phuchka and mango faluda on their menu.

Dalia Mukherjee