2 days in a row, AC rake snags

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By Staff Reporter
  • Published 18.09.11

Calcutta, Sept. 17: A Metro rake that had to be cleared of passengers yesterday after its air-conditioning system malfunctioned had to be evacuated again tonight as faulty brakes led to problems in operating the doors.

The Dum Dum-bound train’s doors did not open after it reached Shyambazar at 9.19 tonight as the system is linked to the brakes, sparking panic among its 500 passengers.

All of them were evacuated through the emergency exit in front of the driver’s cabin. Two ladders were brought in for the passengers to get off the train and climb onto the platform.

Services on both sides were suspended for the day after the incident. Six Dum Dum-bound trains were cancelled. Four of these trains were supposed to return to Kavi Subhas.

An engine pushed the affected train to the car shed in Noapara around 11pm.

Yesterday afternoon, the same rake had to be evacuated at Chandni Chowk after passengers complained of suffocation following AC malfunction.