Zubeen apology for tiff on beret

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By Staff Reporter
  • Published 14.09.17

Guwahati, Sept. 13: Singer Zubeen Garg today apologised on social media for his altercation with an army officer at New Delhi airport on Monday over wearing a beret.

"It was entirely unintentional and nothing was meant seriously...I would sincerely like to apologize for that," Zubeen wrote in a Facebook post.

The singer had entered into an argument with the officer after he objected to Zubeen wearing an army beret. It is illegal for civilians to wear military outfit.

Zubeen reportedly told the officer: "You are a Major but I am a colonel and you should salute me."

"I was even thinking of beating up the Major in Guwahati but decided not to do so," Zubeen had told reporters.

The singer essayed the role of Colonel Goswami in Mission China, which released on Friday, and has garnered huge collections at the box office.

The singer apologised after facing criticism for making derogatory comments about the officer, who identified himself as a Major stationed at Tenga in Arunachal Pradesh.

"Have seen adverse reactions on my recent comments at the airport. Some people are arguing it to be a defamation of the dignity of Indian Army. I love Indian Army. I am so passionate about army that I made Mission China as an expression of my hidden desire to be a part of it," Zubeen said.

Bikash Kumar Das, a retired air force sergeant from Assam, wrote to Union defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman yesterday, seeking action against Zubeen for allegedly insulting an army officer.

Das demanded Zubeen's arrest and claimed that the singer was in an inebriated condition at the airport.