Ulfa faction thanks PCG

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By Staff Reporter
  • Published 27.02.11

Guwahati, Feb. 26: The Arabinda Rajkhowa-led faction of Ulfa today expressed its gratitude to the People’s Consultative Group (PCG) for its efforts to initiate dialogue between the outfit and Centre in 2005.

It, however, also made it clear that the PCG was not constituted according to Ulfa’s constitution and that is why it was dissolved in the outfit’s central executive council meeting and the decision was endorsed by the outfit’s general council.

An emailed statement issued today by Kamal Kachari, a member of the central publicity wing of Ulfa’s Rajkhowa faction, stated that though the formation of the PCG was not according to Ulfa’s constitution, the central executive council and the general council of the Rajkhowa faction appreciated its role.