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Stop dissent, say AGP’s frontal bodies

AGP president explains the reasons for allying with the BJP in the Lok Sabha election

  • Published 14.05.19, 12:59 AM
  • Updated 14.05.19, 12:59 AM
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Atul Bora addresses the news conference in Guwahati on Monday. Picture by UB Photos

The AGP’s frontal organisations have urged the party leadership to take whatever step is needed to quell dissidence in the party.

During a meeting with AGP president Atul Bora at the party headquarters here on Monday afternoon, the leaders and office-bearers of the Asom Yuba Parishad (AYP) and the Asom Mahila Parishad (AMP), expressed concern over growing indiscipline among a section of members, which is damaging the party’s image.

The AYP and the AMP are the AGP’s youth and women’s wings.

They urged Bora to rein in those indulging in anti-party activities.

“The meeting reposed faith on the party leadership and appealed to them to maintain party discipline at any cost,” AYP president Sunil Deka said.

“We should work unitedly to strengthen the party and everyone must abide by its discipline. Nobody is above the party,” he added.

There has been discontent within the AGP ranks over its tie-up with the BJP for the Lok Sabha polls because of the latter’s support to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill.

Several leaders and workers, including former chief minister Prafulla Kumar Mahanta, have openly criticised this decision.

Others like former minister Girindra Kumar Baruah, party’s legal adviser Hemen Borah besides leaders like Lachit Bordoloi and Charan Deka have resigned from the AGP.

In the meeting, some members of the two frontal organisations said that nobody should go public with his discontent as it harms the party’s image and grouses, if any, should be discussed in the party forum.

Deka said the meeting also decided that the leaders of the party’s youth and women wings would meet every two months to synchronize their activities.

Addressing the meeting, Bora explained the reasons for allying with the BJP in the Lok Sabha election.

He said the AGP was born out of the anti-foreigner movement and the Congress “cannot be expected to solve the problem because it was the Congress which created the foreigners problem for vote-bank politics”.

On illegal influx from Bangladesh changing the demographic pattern of the state, Bora said: “Assam needs special status akin to that of Jammu and Kashmir to safeguard the interests of the indigenous people.”

The joint meeting of the two frontal organisations is seen as a bid to muster support in Bora’s favour ahead of the AGP’s executive meeting on Tuesday and general council meeting on Wednesday.